Volumes in the collection: John Adams' Southampton Almanac
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Full text:[...] transmission which is not sufficiently prepaid. Certificates of Posting;.—A certificate of posting may be obtained if desired, by the person posting a parcel. Customs Declaration.—Parcels will be [...]
Full text:[...] Publications of the Books Suitable for Presentation, School Prizes, &c. 24s. The Dawn of Civilization : Egypt and Cbaldaea. New and Revised Edition. By Professor Maspero. Edited by the Rev. Professor [...]
Full text:[...] Publications of the NEW PUBLICATIONS, 1896. The Fathers for English ReadersBoniface. By the Key. I. Gregory Smith, M.A. Fcap 8vo. Is. Qd. The Struggle of the Nations. Egypt, Syria, and Assyria. By Pr [...]
Full text:[...] addressed to more than one person in the same town are charged 2d. each extra address. Telegrams may be sent in any language. May be posted in any wall or pillar-box, to be sent on from nearest [...]
Full text:[...] 50 „ 2G0 .. 2 50 „ 260 2 50 „ 12 25* 12 25* 10 0* 10 0* 3 20J 2 50 * Late Letters for these Mails may be posted in the Export Shed in the Docks till 2 p.m. Late fee, 6d. + Letters for Trinidad, [...]
Full text:[...] Halfpenny for every a oz., or fraction of 2 oz. No Newspaper, whether podted singly or in a packet,may contain any enclosure except the.supplement or supplement* belonging to iu A Packet of Newspapers [...]
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