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Full text:[...] 1200 LAB SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD LABEL PRINTERS. SUTTLEY & SILVERLOCK (Branch of Kelly's Directories Ltd.), Andover, Hants; SPECIALISTS IN PRINTING FOR CHEMISTS. London office: 2 Arundel street [...]
Full text:[...] Mussell Leslie C Francis Percy Edwin Smith Mrs Le Huquet Mrs. F Bishop Regnld. E Gray Mrs. L White Mrs. S Hunter David Welch Jn Roberts Mrs. M Biddlecombe Fredk. Thos Herbert Stanley Robinson Mrs. E [...]
Full text:[...] 582 LOIN" SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Longman Sidney, 42 St. Monica rd. Sholing Longman Thos. 37 Elm st Longman Wltr. S Burton rd Longman Wltr. Jn. 17 Harcourt rd. Bitterne Park Longman Vm. 41 Crac [...]
Full text:[...] 712 THO SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Thomas Roger, 10 Bishop's cres. Itchen Thomas Ronald, 71 Cornwall rd. Bitterne Park Thomas Roy, 197 Wilton rd. Shirley Thomas Saml. 21 William st. Northam Thomas [...]
Full text:[...] ferndene way, Bitterne. From 123 Mousehole lane. febnewood cres. Bitterne Park. From 12 High. View way. Map H 5. (No thoroughfare.) South side. 1 Gerrard Wm 2 Shenton Alfd. E 3 Plowman Erie 4 Stubbin [...]
Full text:[...] 840 SUP SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Superfine Valet Service (A. J. Miller), dyers & cleaners, 47 Oakbank rd. Wool-ston & 330 Shirley rd Surplus Trading Co. (The), genl. dlrs. <20 to 25 St. Mary's p [...]
Full text:[...] (postal address for the following is Southampton, Hants.) Moldon Wltr. farmer (North Stoneham farm) Jeall Arth. (Railway cott) Stoneliam Farm Cotts. Dawkins Wltr. 'Hy Cutler Edwd Taylor Albt. W. P. ( [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. COA 1137 st Denys & Bitterne Park Conservative, Unionist & Working Men's (Victor Mitchell, sec.), 100 St. Denys rd. St. Denys nhirlev & Millbrook Unionist (A. S. Jenkins, sec.; J. [...]
Full text:[...] rl jgllO DER g Denzil avenue—continued. 18 Mullen Wm .20 Camilleri Dominic ' 22 Gillespie Wm 24a, Byrne Mrs. P .24 Jennings Jn. W 26 Fall Hector Thos 28 Hill Wltr. Ernest 30 Filleul Thos. B 32 Rogers [...]
Full text:[...] East side. Southampton Secretarial Bureau (The), typewriting office . gewell Geo. (Bast Park cott) gt. Andrew's Cottages. 1 Bishop Edwin V 2 Sevier Aubrey Bodges Harold (Dundee cott) ... here is Bell [...]
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