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Full text:[...] A 24 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i; Mission Hall, 22 Adelaide road, St. Denys Mission Hall, Kentish road, Freemantle Mission Hall, King street Mission Hall, 110 Millbrook road, Freemntle Mission Room (St. [...]
Full text:[...] 182 XilM LIME AVENUE, Sholing. From 282 Middle road. Map I 7. South side. Trussler Albt. W. (Courbari) Williams Fras. L. (Linden) 3 Barnes Harry 4 Grist Wm. Rfc 5 Meggs Vivian L. D North side. 8 Bidd [...]
Full text:[...] 266 PRI PRINCES ROAD, Freemantle. From 2 Kingston road to 17 Andover road. Map C 7. Bast side. 1 Jones Mrs. M 2 Nixon Harold Oswald 3 Farmer Edwd. Thos 4 Fry Hy. Chas West side. Page W. L. & Co. Ltd. [...]
Full text:[...] 268 PRO Priory road—continued. 115 Bailey Chas 117 Pearce Chas. Fredk 119 Burt Mrs 121 Fergusson Douglas Jn. A 123 Watts Herbt. W 125 Holdaway Wltr .... here is Railway bridge ... 139 Anstis Rupert 1 [...]
Full text:[...] >od laci !To TOO PRIVATE RESIDENTS. CUE, 451 ys roo> £ fef wSS?w #m##Er gl##& cffiffia. Jdas*5°wS,n cres. Shirley Culvef Arfch. BdPflO Burgess rd. Bassett ffiS a/A%mWfrd. Shirley C«hSreU>Sth^'j?.71IE [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. fiSfMrs. E. C. 69 Lyon st. Newtown §SS'MariInM^d,'l22 Upper Shirley Shirley Ilk: :###: Green Sidney, 2 Lyon ter. Newtown SW Kit *2*S2v* rd. Green Thos. B. 100 Derby rd Green Thos. [...]
Full text:[...] 1180 GRO SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Grocers & Tea Dealers—continued. Wajllis Percy, 27 School rd. Totton Wallis T'hos. E. 49 Water la. Tofcton Ward Philip G. 96 Winchester rd. Chandler's Ford Watk [...]
Full text:[...] 1282 WIN" SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANTS. Abrahams A. J. 24 Station hill, Southampton rd. Eastleigh ADAMS & GULLIVER, 2 junction road, Totton. Tel. No. Totton 3212. See adverti [...]
Full text:[...]  *1 !::1 Y'-rt- THE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD DIRECTORY COMMERCIAL EXPLANATION. It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a runs from Northam road to Mount Pleas [...]
Full text:[...] 1118 bui SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Builders—continued. 2Jp.vtio.rt "W Ci Xr T trl 24 Wfutelaw road. Tel. 71491 Herbert Wm., Ohetwynd, Elver View rd. Bitterne Park HINTON (E. J.) & BELL, 12 St. Mo [...]
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