Volumes in the collection: Southampton Directory
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Full text:[...] 910' EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Nightingale avenue — cont 84 Wright Mrs. E 86 Pottle Allen Regnld. W 88 Parker Hy. Jas 90 Payne Alfd. R 92 Grist Percy Geo 94 Noyce Jas. Hy 96 Moorhouse Edwd NOOK (THE). Fro [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 911 O'CONNELL ROAD. From 18 Kelvin road to 155 Passfield avenue. South side. ........ here is Scott rd ........ 1 Howgego Marshall 3 Gibbs Wm. Jas 5 Riley Albt 7 Page 'Horace Wm [...]
Full text:[...] 912 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Passfield avenue—continued 237 Hayes Hubert Geo 239 Knott Jas 241 Hodges Lorenzo Rt 247 Poulton Hy 249 Broom Jas West side. Eastman Hy. R. G. (Home- leigh) Fleming Park PITMO [...]
Full text:[...] railway cotts. See Southampton road. raven square. vroin 41 Nightingale avenue. East side. 1 Daily Eft 2 Fulton Wltr. Gordon North side. 3 Jupe Bertram R i Bowden Alfd 5 Davies Benj 6 llerritt Edwd. [...]
Full text:[...] (postal address for the following is Southampton, Hants.) Moldon Wltr. farmer (North Stoneham farm) Jeall Arth. (Railway cott) Stoneliam Farm Cotts. Dawkins Wltr. 'Hy Cutler Edwd Taylor Albt. W. P. ( [...]
Full text:[...] 918 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Swift close—continued. 6 Robinson Arth. E 7 Davies Ivct" 8 Prior Wm. T West side. 9 Hibberd Donald J 10 White Cyril W 11 Lanphee Wm. G East side. 12 Styles Mrs. E 13 Elliott [...]
Full text:[...] & EASTLEIGS DIRECTORY. 929 Cooper David Jas. 11 St. Johp's rd Cooper Edwd. 28 Falcon sq Cooper Ernest, 13 Buskin rd Cooper Ernest Frank, 7 Bellevue rd Cooper Geo. C. 123 Monks •way- Cooper Geo. Edwd. [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 963 Combes P. M. Ltd. timber mers. Toynbeo rd. & Allbrook hill, Allbrook Complins Ltd. bakers, 44 High st Comrades Institute & Club Ltd. (Geo. Davis, sec.), 55 Leigh rd Constable [...]
Full text:[...] 974 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. Calmore eoad—continued. Robinson Drayton W. nurseryman (Warea) GOULDEN HAROLD R. builder & contractor (Roseleigh). Tel. No. Totton 234S Williams Glyn (Clinton) Lowmaa Wl [...]
Full text:[...] 978 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. Downs Park road—con. 7 Blake Miss C. M 9 Overtoil Edwd. S 11 Barry Jas 13 Drake Harvey 11 15 French Victor C 17 Windeath Fredk 19 Grant Douglas.,A 21 Walker Alfd. G 23 B [...]
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