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Full text:[...] latter name. * By Local Government Board Order No»53,725, which came into operation on the 31st March, 191-,, the civil parish of Portswood was merged, with other civil parishes in Southampton, into [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. HIGr 349 Palla-Ltd. East side. . here is Woodmill la ...... "2 Welch Maurice, plumber 2 Welch Mrs i Carr J. F. grocer 6 G-rice F. J 8 Windebank Mrs 10 Glasspool Miss I. H 12 Parkes [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. BAR 765 rm P^ueli Amelia R. (Mrs.), ladies' hairdresser, 19 Burgess road, Bassett. Tele-s tilione 68683 Pliaeshaw & Son Ltd. builders & contractors, >| Bellevue works, 35 & 37 B [...]
Full text:[...] NURSLING AND ROWNHAMS DIRECTORY. 1069 Elizabeth as a hunting-box ; about 1860 Viscount Palmerston purchased the house from the Crown, and it has since been restored. The old mansion was pulled down i [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. BAT 1103 Barclays Bank Ltd. (H. J. Whitehead, manager), 30 High st. & 18 Queen's ter.; (G. G. Morris, manager) 359 Bitterne rd. Bitterne; (R. H. King, manager) 391 Shirley rd.; 2 El [...]
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