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Full text:[...] 720 TUC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Tucker Frank R. 18 St. Aubin's av. Sholing Tucker Fredk. Jas. 54 Manor Farm rd. Bitterne Park Tucker Harry, 225 Burgess rd. Bassett Tucker Hy. Wm. Jn. 112 Orpen [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. UND 843 Triangle Garage (E. Cornick & R. Minns, pz-oprs.), motor engnrs. The Triangle, Cobden av. Bitterne Park Tribbick E. E. greengro. & florist, 61 High st. Shirley. Tel. 711 [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. m Tizza'rd Chas. 14 Darwin rd Tizza.rd Wlbr. J as. 54 The Orescent Tizzaird Wm. Jn. 306 Desbarough rd Tollman Artih. Roy, 46 Nightingale av Tofield Herbt. R. 101 iPitmore rd. All [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. TUG 719 T.rodd Albt. A'rth. 56 Commercial st.Bitt&rne Trodd Arth. Fredk. 3 Glen Eyre rd. Bassett Trodd Cecil, 1 Vine rd. Maybush Trodd Chas. Jsph. 6 Lyndock pL Woolston Trodd Edwd. [...]
Full text:[...] ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. 971 THE ELING & TOTTON STREET DIRECTORY EXPLANATION". To account for missing Numbers in Streets, it may be understood that either the house was empty at the time the revisio [...]
Full text:[...] 38 BEV SOUTHAMPTON BEVOIS TERRACE. See Bevois Hill. BEVOIS VALLEY RD. From 76 Onslow road to Bevois hill. ' Map E 6, F 6. East side. is Blackberry ter...... 16 Furnell Harold, beer retlr 1 [...]
Full text:[...] 300 SHE SHERBORNE ROAD, Highfield. From 16 Blenheim gardens to 15 Rip stone gdns. Map F 4. South side. 2 Portsmouth Tlios. ffm 4 Rood Fredk. H 6 Pursell Mrs. D. C 8 Darter Adrian Albt 10 Carter Frank [...]
Full text:[...] 860 BISHOPSTOKE DIRECTORY. Tolfree Wilfred Jn. 41 Longmead av Tomlin Wltr. Gordon, 50 Longmead av Toms Arth. Wltr. 393 Fair Oak rd. Fair Oak Toomer Rt. Chas. 31 Drake rd Travers Jn. 24 New id. Sandy [...]
Full text:[...] CHANDLER'S FORD DIRECTORY. 875 Tostleviiie Regnld. A. 35 Oakmount id Trainor Wltr. Jack, Rosslyn, Mead rd Trent Mrs. G. 168 Bournemouth rd Trevis Jas. B., Kynance, Northdene rd Tribbeck Mrs. ffm. 110 [...]
Full text:[...] 1032 ELING & TOTTON DIRECTORY. Tubbs Montague, 23 School rd. T Tuck Maj. Harry J. C. 25 Moonscross av. Hounsdown Tuck Tom S., Heathercroft, Rushington la.T Tuck Wltr. 15 Moonscross av. Hounsdown Tuck [...]
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