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Full text:[...] :>:) ! .1 684 SHE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD >: \ ; Skeels Harold E. 29 Brainstem rd. Shirley Skeet Fras. J. 7 Richmond xd. Freemantle Skelcher R. 73 Albert rd Skelcher Wm. G. 146a, Vale drive, B [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. SMI 685 gleeman Geo. Fredk. 29 Wilton gdns. Sleeman7 Horace B. 21 Dale Valley rd. Shirley dleeman Jn. 12 Pirrie close, Shirley Sleeman Maurice L. 35a, South \ lew rd. OliirlgV sipe [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS STA 695 Spinney Gordon Fras. 29 Temple gdns. gpires^Warren S., Lowood, Bassett row, Midair, !a. gllspS" |SRerWMis£,5 C?S* Bassett av. iSS MKlHLt av. KZt^res. Hteh- Spratley Gavin, 1 [...]
Full text:[...] 710 TEA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD If ;-v : ivi' |:i :; i Teare Kenneth M. The Laurels, Chetwynd rd. Bassett Teare Rd. 2 Stafford rd Tearse Jn. T. R. 21 Violet rd. Bassett Teasdale J as. 65 Dimond [...]
Full text:[...] 712 THO SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Thomas Roger, 10 Bishop's cres. Itchen Thomas Ronald, 71 Cornwall rd. Bitterne Park Thomas Roy, 197 Wilton rd. Shirley Thomas Saml. 21 William st. Northam Thomas [...]
Full text:[...] PRIV ATE tRESID ENTS. T YIJ JL 721 gdns. Turlier Ernest D. 212 King George's av. Tnnier'Ernest F. Craigen-darroch, Glenfield cres Bitterne && i&F&ISE&T' „ Turner F-redk. J. 423 Burgess rd. Swaythhng [...]
Full text:[...] 750 WIL SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Wilson Eric, 83 Thorndike rd. Maybush Wilson Ernest R. 8 Maldon rd. Bitterne Wilson F. Leslie, 6 Avon rd. Bitterne Park Wilson Frank, 33 Warren ores. Shirley War [...]
Full text:[...] 840 SUP SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Superfine Valet Service (A. J. Miller), dyers & cleaners, 47 Oakbank rd. Wool-ston & 330 Shirley rd Surplus Trading Co. (The), genl. dlrs. <20 to 25 St. Mary's p [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. YOTJ 851 VooLston & District Bowling Club (P. E. Hartnoll, hon. sec.), Temple rd. Woolston Voolston & District Community Centre, Portsmouth rd. Wools ton Voolston Estate Office [...]
Full text:[...] (postal address for the following is Southampton, Hants.) Moldon Wltr. farmer (North Stoneham farm) Jeall Arth. (Railway cott) Stoneliam Farm Cotts. Dawkins Wltr. 'Hy Cutler Edwd Taylor Albt. W. P. ( [...]
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