Volumes in the collection: Southampton Directory
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Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. KEN 561 rpllv Jn. 29 Capon close, Swaythling rPHv Jn. 18 Fawley rd. Millbrook rpllv Jn. 101 Swift rd. Woolston tfpllv Jn. Bertram, 6 Holland rd. Woolston vpilv Jn. Edwd. 87 Outer c [...]
Full text:[...] 514 HAL SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Hallett Mrs. F. M. 7 Bassett- crescent west, Bassett _ . Hallett Regnld. 84 Romsey rd. Shirley _ Hallett Stanley Jas., Gladward, Valentine av. Sholing Hallett Th [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. DOW 465 IH& Park |||tvCMleS7?d. DMglaTMrs. E., Lancresse, Dawlish av. Drndton Donald C. 10 Hardwicke close, Shirley . Dove Edgar Roland, 469 Portswood rd Dove Geo. F. 13 Queenstown [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. BIB 461 pewey Ernest Thos. 27 Channel's Farm rd. Dewey'Fredk. J. 3 Henstead court, Devon- Dc-wey Geo".^IS^Wide^a.^Swaythling George's a, Dewey'lliss, 58 Wolseley rd. Freemantle Dew [...]
Full text:[...] 408 BUI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 16 Dyer rd. Free- '!! ;; ;.i ■; j; !;l' Bricknell Leonard Wm. mantle , m . , Bricknell Mrs. 27 Tremona rd. Shirley Bricknell Thos. 18 Glen rd. Woolston Brickn [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. BOW 403 ! il 8SS BoSche? Johan™°KiYe'r ^iew,"Quayside rd. Bitterr.e Manor . Bostock Jas. 2 Police quarters, Porcliester Bostock°MTs?1215 Bitterne rd. Bitterne Park Bopwell Jas. 118 [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. BEE 391 flpaton Mrs. 144 Burgess rd. Bassett Beaton Ronald, 111 Earl's rd Beaton Wm. H. 3 Deanery flats, King st Beatson Mrs. 8 Denzil av. Newtown Beattie Hy. 11 Begonia rd. Basset [...]
Full text:[...] Mussell Leslie C Francis Percy Edwin Smith Mrs Le Huquet Mrs. F Bishop Regnld. E Gray Mrs. L White Mrs. S Hunter David Welch Jn Roberts Mrs. M Biddlecombe Fredk. Thos Herbert Stanley Robinson Mrs. E [...]
Full text:[...] 286 SAI SOUTHAMPTON St. Andrew's road—continued 49 Lush. Victor 50 Archer Stanley Chas 51 Chivers Kenneth 52 Murray Mrs. L 53 Cooley Mrs 54 Hibbert Wilfred 55 Jeffery Arth ...... here is Cardigan rd [...]
Full text:[...] 258 POR Portsmouth road—continued. 66 Birt Carlton Hy. M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H. physcn. & surgn 66 Mumby Donald Brooke M.R.C.S.Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond. physcn. & surgn here is Hazeleigh av ... County B [...]
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