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Full text:[...] 1284 SOUTHAMPTON, ETC., DIRECTORY. Advice to j you § MiiiirjJiiFiiiiiiMJiMrririrTrrTifiiiiiiiMMTirTTrfiiriiiMifiiiiiMifiMiufriiiiiiMiJTiiririiMTMiiiiMiiiTfFTrr*! I ADVERTISE O it If you require bus [...]
Full text:[...] 1198 b ADVERTISEMENTS. t always pap to use Quality Printing Chemists, even more than anyone else, must be particular about the appearance of their printed matter. Finely printed labels are as necessa [...]
Full text:[...] ADVERTISEMENTS. 1284 a < nnting emists In hardly more time than it takes you to dispense a bottle of medicine we can get ready and post off to you the finest range of stock labels, cartons, wrappers, [...]
Full text:[...] 1002 b SPECIALISTS The firm of Suttley & Silverlock has, for more than a century, made a speciality of every type of printed matter used by the medical profession. FOR OVER A CENTURY This branch of p [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS STA 695 Spinney Gordon Fras. 29 Temple gdns. gpires^Warren S., Lowood, Bassett row, Midair, !a. gllspS" |SRerWMis£,5 C?S* Bassett av. iSS MKlHLt av. KZt^res. Hteh- Spratley Gavin, 1 [...]
Full text:[...] 710 TEA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD If ;-v : ivi' |:i :; i Teare Kenneth M. The Laurels, Chetwynd rd. Bassett Teare Rd. 2 Stafford rd Tearse Jn. T. R. 21 Violet rd. Bassett Teasdale J as. 65 Dimond [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. DOW 465 IH& Park |||tvCMleS7?d. DMglaTMrs. E., Lancresse, Dawlish av. Drndton Donald C. 10 Hardwicke close, Shirley . Dove Edgar Roland, 469 Portswood rd Dove Geo. F. 13 Queenstown [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INDEX. FOR ★ ★ ★ IN THIS DIRECTORY I Spaces ★ ★ * * * * * * * * ^Apply ADVERTISEMENT DEPARTMENT KELLY'S DiRECTOHliS LTD. 186 STRAND • LONDON • W.C.2 Established 1799 Tel. No.: TEMPLE BAR 3464 [...]
Full text:[...] 14 AB.0 ARCHERY GROVE, Woolston. From 142 Portsmouth road. Map H 9. (No thoroughfare.) West side. 5 Baker Eric Geo 7 Frampton Edwd 9 Leigh Regnld. Percy 11 James Lewis Albt 13 Kimish Fredk. Chas .... [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. FRTJ 1169 BURGESS WEBB & SQUIRE LTD" Threefield lane, Southampton (Tel 21212, 9 lines); 64 High st. (Tel. 22594 & 25228) & 19 Bernard st. Tel. clvl &F.3 J. & SON LTD. Winkle street. [...]
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