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Full text:[...] 608 MOO SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Moody Albt. 11 Lancaster rd. Maybush Moody Albt. 24 Laundry rd. Shirley Moody Albt. Geo. 95 Osborne rd. Portswood Moody Albt. T. 24 Deacon rd. Bitterne Moody Alf [...]
Full text:[...]  610 MOB SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Morgan Chas. Hy. 61 Percy rd Morgan .Charlie, L32 The Drove, Maybush Morgan Dennis Hy. 41 Mon cres. Bitterne Morgan Edgar, 14 Norfolk rd Morgan Edgar Wltr. 94 P [...]
Full text:[...] 616 ITEA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Neary Martin, 225 Foundry la. Millbrook Neary Martin G. 102 Magnolia rd. Bitterne Neary Mrs. 26 Trent rd. Bitterne Park Neary Regnld. A. 9 Rochester st. Northam [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. PER 637 1 Penfold Fredk. 54 Mayfield rd Penfold Harold, 86 Wilton rd. Shirley , Penfold Harold S. 12 Albany .rd. Free- Penfok^Harry W. 16 Redbridge hill, Shirley Penfold Hy. 23 Wes [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. PIN" 641 gsa sessvibssss to. North PiSell Ernest W. 97 Gainsford rd. Bitterne Pickwick Leslie Jn. 25 Walnut av. Swayth- Picon Fras. 14 Banister grange, Banister rd picot Arth. Chas [...]
Full text:[...] m 680 SHI Shillabeer Hy. Wm. 122 Bassett Green rd Shillabeer Mrs. 72 Firgrove rd. Freemantle Shilling Geo. Regnld. 94 King George's av. Millbrook . , Shilling Mrs. 55 Treeside rd. Shirley Shillington [...]
Full text:[...] 688 SMI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Smith Hy. 20 St. Denys rd. Portswood Smith Hy. 40 Wolse'ley rd. Freemantle Smith Hy. A. 23 Spring cres. Portswood Smith Hy. Geo. 132 Priory rd. St. Denys Smith H [...]
Full text:[...] 716 TtZ SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD : , > ' Tizzard Lionel, 19 Beech rd. Millbrook Tizzard Miss W. 12 Panwell ird. Bitterne Tizzard Regnld. 6 Hawkeswood rd. Bitterne Manor Tizzard Rt. 21 Anglesea [...]
Full text:[...] 720 TUC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Tucker Frank R. 18 St. Aubin's av. Sholing Tucker Fredk. Jas. 54 Manor Farm rd. Bitterne Park Tucker Harry, 225 Burgess rd. Bassett Tucker Hy. Wm. Jn. 112 Orpen [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. VYS 725 ffiSfc S. V#°5 rEd»ecil av. r SCent Miss, 4 Cavendish gro. The Avenue \- acent Miss G. 92 Howard's gro. Shirley Vincent Mrs. 19 Bluebell rd. Bassett Vincent Mrs. 5 Capon cl [...]
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