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Full text:[...] ST.- GEORGE'S PL. Prnm Park view to Houndwell rr place. Map E 8. here is St. George's st...... { Thomas Mrs. Ada E. beer retlr _ ^ 6 Tustin Mrs. E. E 7 Coleman Percvl. Chas 8 Love joy Mrs. M. M 9 Sau [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. SAI 291 ST. MARY STREET. from 64 East street to 108 JN ew road. Map E 7, E 8, F 8. West side. . here is Evans st ......... T'COX & SHARLAND LTD. printers, stationery & office equipm [...]
Full text:[...] Mussell Leslie C Francis Percy Edwin Smith Mrs Le Huquet Mrs. F Bishop Regnld. E Gray Mrs. L White Mrs. S Hunter David Welch Jn Roberts Mrs. M Biddlecombe Fredk. Thos Herbert Stanley Robinson Mrs. E [...]
Full text:[...] 3o0 WES Weston lane—continued. Roberts Rev. Geo. E. (vicar of Holy Trinity, Weston) (The Vicarage) Holy Trinity Church 80 Ruffell Regnld. H 84 Button Geo. Regnld 82 Mitchell Jas. E here is Wallace rd [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. BAK 381 Baker Chas. Christian, Birch Croft, Pine- lands rd. Bassett Baker Chaa. Leslie, 328 Poftswood rd Baker Chas. Wm. 130 Merryoak rd. Bitterne Baker Clifford, 14 Irving walk Ba [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. BEE 391 flpaton Mrs. 144 Burgess rd. Bassett Beaton Ronald, 111 Earl's rd Beaton Wm. H. 3 Deanery flats, King st Beatson Mrs. 8 Denzil av. Newtown Beattie Hy. 11 Begonia rd. Basset [...]
Full text:[...] 402 BOM SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD k * Bomford Paul W. H. 150 Dale Valley rd. EonceyeyCyril Thos. 11 Bacon rd Wpolston Boncey Frank, Mizpah, Botley rd. Sholing Boncey Philip, 46 Amoy st ■ Bond A. [...]
Full text:[...] 422 CAL SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Callaway Fredk. C. 21 English rd. Millbrook Callaway Fredk. C. 35 Merryoak rd.Bitterne ^Callaway Fredk. J. 143 Priory rd. St. Denys Callaway Fredk. P. R. 25 Orpe [...]
Full text:[...] 433 CHR SOUTHAMPTON- AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Christopher Arth. J. 17 Kennedy rd. Maybush • , Christopher Edwd. Chas. 8 Garton rd. Woolston Christopher Edwd. J. 6 Begonia rd. Bassett Christopher Edwd. J as. [...]
Full text:[...] 464 DOWT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Donald J. A. 10 Edge Hill rd. Bitterne Park Donald Mrs. 45a, Aberdeen rd. St. Denys Donaldson Alex. 3 Bellemoor rd. Shirley Donaldson Arth. 228 Summit way, Bitt [...]
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