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Full text:[...] m. A10 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTOR Y. OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENTS, LOCAL INSTITUTIONS, &c. « POST OFFICE Head Office, 57 & 58 High street, Southampton. Branch Post & Head Telegraph Office, Southampton Docks. Br [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECtOS-Y. 881 Places of Worship. Church of England. rhurch of the Resurrection, Romsey road; Rev William Victor Lambert, The Vicarage, Romsey road, vicar & surrogate; Rev. Hugh F. Hadrill [...]
Full text:[...] " / \ A 4 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i': Avenue Congregational church, erected in 1897-8 is a red brick building, seating 720 people. There is a Methodist church in Ivy road, St. Denys, built in 1883, an [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 23 Church of Christ (Evangelical Free Church). Above Bar street Congregational. Bitterne Park, Cobden avenue; Rev. George jr. Seymour, The Manse, Glenfield avenue," Bitterne, [...]
Full text:[...] 40 Potter Regnld. R 42 Isaacs Wallace 44 Landguard House (Mrs. E. S o p e r, proprietress), boarding ho $ Bulbick Mrs ...... here is Arthur rd ...... 50 Balne Edwin Thos LANDSEER CLOSE, Sholing. From [...]
Full text:[...] 878 CHANDLER'S FORD DIRECTORY. Wiltons Stores (Win. C-hing), grocer & draper, 110 Park rd. Tel. Chandler s Ford 2763 WOOD J. R. & CO. LIMITED, coal merchants, Station yard. Tel. No. Chandlers Ford 21 [...]
Full text:[...] 1 I II r 1258 SOA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD I I I '•?; i SOAP MANUFACTURERS. Davis Products Ltd. 11 London rd SOCIETIES & ASSOCIATIONS. (For further information see Official section.) Amalgam [...]
Full text:[...] 238 ORC SOUTHAMPTON ORCHARD PLACE, Portswood. Prom 374 Portswood road. Map G4. 1 Godfrey Mrs 2 Butcher Alfd. ffm 3 Wheeler Mrs. D. A 4 Firmin F.redk 5 Martin Miss (5 Firmin Mrs. A ORCHARDS WAY, Highf [...]
Full text:[...] 48 Frith Win. Geo 50 Westwood Wltr. Geo 52 Bryant Fredk. Win 54 Green Geo. Louis 56 Springett Win. Percy is Elm grove.. Davies Jn. Emrys Battue Ernest ffm Sibley Fredk. Bertram Corbett Wlt [...]
Full text:[...] 910' EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Nightingale avenue — cont 84 Wright Mrs. E 86 Pottle Allen Regnld. W 88 Parker Hy. Jas 90 Payne Alfd. R 92 Grist Percy Geo 94 Noyce Jas. Hy 96 Moorhouse Edwd NOOK (THE). Fro [...]
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