Volumes in the collection: Southampton Directory
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Full text:[...] is Souse Edwd ^ T'-rler Edwd. Ed 52 Merchant Clias. Jas {[ Bvard Jas % Lucas AJbt 5g Williams Wm 60 llunn Mrs go Colver Cecil Thos gi Taylor Denis A West side. I Emmerson Geo 3 Dell Mrs 5 O'Hara Mrs. [...]
Full text:[...] 182 XilM LIME AVENUE, Sholing. From 282 Middle road. Map I 7. South side. Trussler Albt. W. (Courbari) Williams Fras. L. (Linden) 3 Barnes Harry 4 Grist Wm. Rfc 5 Meggs Vivian L. D North side. 8 Bidd [...]
Full text:[...] 12 Holburn Rt. Wm 14 Langley Rt. Geo 16 Foley Terence P 16 Kinsella Douglas 18 Cross Herbt. A "0 Hooper Hy. Chas 22 Byves Arth. Hy 24 Poore Alfd is Cleveland rd ...... 26 Griffith: Miss Wi [...]
Full text:[...] 192 LYT SOUTHAMPTON LYTHAM ROAD, Bitterne Park. From 13 Yanguard road to Onibury roacl. Map I 5. South-east side. 1a, Brown FrankGeo 1b, Ha'rfield Jas. Hy 1 Jone Jas. M 3 ICirby Alfd. P 5 Walters Wil [...]
Full text:[...] c (A. Wecl-who. con- furti^s & Sons Ltd.. removal contrctrs. (deposi- Bee^Erne^t (The Bunga- Arthur Cyril Geo si Curl Mrs _ « White Wm. Patrick | Farrelly Christphr "flSS^Thos 02 Oliver Saml 04 Smith [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. MAY 201 South side. 3 Owen Clarence 5 Caffrey Regnld 7 Hart Arth. J 9 Bailey Philip Harry M Boxall Regnld. (Danes-bury) 23 Warner — •w Bruoe David 21 Shergold Arth. C 20 Forbes Fred [...]
Full text:[...] 202 MAY Mayfield road—continued. 144 Holdaw'ay Mrs 146 Barker Frank 148 Webber Wm. Hy 150 Blake Chas. Wm. Ernest Swaythling Secondary Modern School for Boys Swaytliling Secondary Modern School for Gi [...]
Full text:[...] 204 MEN MENDIP ROAD. For names see Millbrook section. MERBIDALE ROAD, Bitterne. F.rom 86 Pear Tree avenue to 13 Sholing road. Map H 7, H 8. North-east side. 1 Egan Thos 3 Chambers Thos. Wm 5 Frost Ch [...]
Full text:[...] yj Maslen Kenneth m Woolston Estate Office (W. J. Austin, agt) ss Austin Wm. Jn millbank street, Northam. From 2 Belvidere road to Old Northam. Map F 7, G- 7. West side. is Belvidere ter.. [...]
Full text:[...] 214 MOM" Milton road—continued. 89 Symes Wallace 91 Whittington Percy 93 Blackwell Mrs. M. C 95 Mannell Chas 97 Bacon Mrs. E 99 Allen Mrs 101 Yearsley Sydney Herbt 103 Rowe Mark, grocer ...... here i [...]
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