Volumes in the collection: Southampton Directory
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Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. MAB 593 iTanttan Mrs. G. 75 Castle rd. Bitterne rd. Alan waring Mrs. 62 Swift rd. Woolston Manzalaoui Gerald Hussein, 26 Kitchener rd Maulesden Chas. E. 88 Bel'lemoor ird. Shirley [...]
Full text:[...] 648 PRI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Prince Jas. Fredk. 80 Wilton gdns. Shirley Prince Jas. Hy. 136 Bramley cres. Sholing Prince Leonard Eli, 7 Canada rd. Woolston Prince Miss, 24 Magdalene ter Prin [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. RIC 657 tuisr'"" R^Wds°H. V., Yelma, Bassett Heath av Reynolds Harry, 31 Ampthill rd. Millbrook Reynolds Jn. B. 'A., M.A. Green Acres, B?ynoTds %. Bpf,SeRedmount, Portsmouth Reynol [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. KID 669 rd. Richmond Geo. Hy. 33 Wakefield rd. RkhmomT^Mrs. 57 Wakefield rd. Bitterne fe f£i?Z£ElX5Sfc ™e. Richter Rt. S. 124 Archery gro. Woolston Rickard Fras. Geo. 51 Alexandra [...]
Full text:[...] 704 STIT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD / Sturgess Geo. B. 33 Salisbury rd. Highfield Sturgess Mrs. 130 Bassett Green rd Sturgess Mrs. 339 Burgess rd. Bassett Sturgess Mrs. 24 Ghatsworth. rd. Bitterne [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. VYS 725 ffiSfc S. V#°5 rEd»ecil av. r SCent Miss, 4 Cavendish gro. The Avenue \- acent Miss G. 92 Howard's gro. Shirley Vincent Mrs. 19 Bluebell rd. Bassett Vincent Mrs. 5 Capon cl [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. WAL 727 rd ■c.ifcar Ernest D. 17 Tilbrook rd. Millbrook falker Fredk. 71, Carnation rd. Swayth- aMker Fredk. 425 Coxford id. Lords wood Mker Fredk. 18 Milner st. Shirley todker Fre [...]
Full text:[...] 732 WAT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Watkin Alfd. C. 10 Kingsfield id Watkin Chas. W. 33 Coleman st Watkin Edgar W. C. 15 Fernewood cres. Bitterne Park . Watkin Leslie K. 44 Melrose rd. Shirley Watk [...]
Full text:[...] 736 WEIi SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Welch Geo. Wni. SlShii-Iey rd Welch Harold Geo. 41 Clifford st Welch Hy. Stanley, 3 Bad way rd. Shirley Welch Ivor D. 20 Manchester st Welch Jn. 34 Sydney rd. S [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. WIL 745 Wickens Jn. 10 Emsworth rd. Shirley pickers Mrs. C. E. 51 St. James's rd. Shirley Wickes Edwd. O. E. 42 Norfolk rd Wickes Geo. Hy. 49 The Polygon Wickes Laurence M. 107a, S [...]
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