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Full text:[...] GENERAL INDEX. FOR ★ ★ ★ IN THIS DIRECTORY I Spaces ★ ★ * * * * * * * * ^Apply ADVERTISEMENT DEPARTMENT KELLY'S DiRECTOHliS LTD. 186 STRAND • LONDON • W.C.2 Established 1799 Tel. No.: TEMPLE BAR 3464 [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON^ DIRECTORY. A 1 SOUTHAMPTON SOUTHAMPTON is a seaport, a parliamentary, county and municipal borough, a market town and parish; it is the head ot a county court district, petty sessional [...]
Full text:[...] iWS I A2 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. f! $ Castle, stretches Hoi'th-westward nearly 7 miles, and on the eastern shore are the ruins of Netley Abbey, and on the west is the New Forest. The town is approache [...]
Full text:[...] " / \ A 4 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i': Avenue Congregational church, erected in 1897-8 is a red brick building, seating 720 people. There is a Methodist church in Ivy road, St. Denys, built in 1883, an [...]
Full text:[...] m. A10 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTOR Y. OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENTS, LOCAL INSTITUTIONS, &c. « POST OFFICE Head Office, 57 & 58 High street, Southampton. Branch Post & Head Telegraph Office, Southampton Docks. Br [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. All Aldermen'. Alway William Taylo.r, iShappen, Burley, Ringwood „ _ ■ Applewhaite Charles Henry, Bramerton, Ampfield, Romsey . Barber Frederic Viccars, Newick, Edward road, Wi [...]
Full text:[...] A 24 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i; Mission Hall, 22 Adelaide road, St. Denys Mission Hall, Kentish road, Freemantle Mission Hall, King street Mission Hall, 110 Millbrook road, Freemntle Mission Room (St. [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 27 Guilmont, district commissioner; C. E. Tuck, 46 Luceombe road, divisional sec.) comprising the following groups: 2nd Group ; 6th Group ; 12th Group; 15th Group ; 18th Grou [...]
Full text:[...] 6 Durr Geo 7 Gosse Edwd. Albt 8 Bega Louis M 9 Cousens Bryan 10 Cole Ivan D 11 Kilgour Clive 12 Davison Ralph 13 Wareham Fred 14 Hudson Donald West side. 15 Rolfe Fredk 16 Boyland Chas 17 Buggins Ber [...]
Full text:[...] to 7. X si-el. )o. si-el. lal on si-el. ;h- 29 2c- & :d. i el, ey Cookman Sidney T Polygon Hosiery Repairers Serjeant Win. D Bedford Invisible Menders, (E. A. Russell, propr.), hosiery reprs Bedford [...]
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