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Full text:[...] 582 LOIN" SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Longman Sidney, 42 St. Monica rd. Sholing Longman Thos. 37 Elm st Longman Wltr. S Burton rd Longman Wltr. Jn. 17 Harcourt rd. Bitterne Park Longman Vm. 41 Crac [...]
Full text:[...] Castle of Winchester Chairman. Sir Charles Lennard Chute bait. M.C., J.P. steke Sherborne St. John, Basing. Vice-Chairman. Mary^^etersfieid ^ [...]
Full text:[...] the western end of the Tudor garden, and within the bounds of the property are the remains of King John's palace, already mentioned. In the garden are some remains of a priory of Austin Canons, founded [...]
Full text:[...] Barters, Kinstead, Lyndhurst Chute Sir Charles Lennard. hart. jM.U., The Vyne, Sherborne St. John, Basing- Goff°Lt.-Col. Lionel Trevor, Queen's house, Monk Sherborne, Basingstoke Gurney-Dixon Sir [...]
Full text:[...] 17a Warren cres. Shirley Loveridge J. M. Ltd. who. chemists, 6 & 8 Millbrook rd _ _ Lovibond John & Sons Ltd. brewers, 67 The Avenue L0WMAN S. B. & SONS LTD. bakers, & restaurant (head office), 74 [...]
Full text:[...] GENERAL INDEX. FOR ★ ★ ★ IN THIS DIRECTORY I Spaces ★ ★ * * * * * * * * ^Apply ADVERTISEMENT DEPARTMENT KELLY'S DiRECTOHliS LTD. 186 STRAND • LONDON • W.C.2 Established 1799 Tel. No.: TEMPLE BAR 3464 [...]
Full text:[...] which led to the castle. Closely adjoining, on the West quay, stands the remains of King John's Palace, with Norman fireplace and windows, a rare specimen of early Norman domestic [...]
Full text:[...] ■41 Clarke Bros, haulage contractors (office &" depot) 43 Clark Mrs. E. E 45 Botting Wm 47 St. John Mrs 49 Clark Cecil Edwd 51 Dance Jn 53 Gale Victor 55 Stokes Wltr 57 Mills Rt 59 Wilton Victor 61 [...]
Full text:[...] T Lowe Chas. 73 Players cres. T Lowe Chas. W. Thatched cott. Rushington la. T Lowe Ernest J. Ivyjohn, Foxhills, Colbury Lowe Fredk. 4 Bishops close, T Lowe Harold, 8 Foxhills, Colbury Lowe Mrs. 18 [...]
Full text:[...] first incorporated in the reign of Henry I, whose charter was confirmed by Richard I and by King John, who assigned the customs of the port to the burgesses for an annual payment of £200: their [...]
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