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Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. SOU 835 outliampton (County Borough, of) Welfare Services Department (F. D. Glover, chief officer & P. J. Mouland, district welfare officer, Civic Centre; F. T. Harmon, 55 Belmo [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. TID 841 fatton-Rrown Chas. Eden, stock brkr. (firm, A. H. Cobbold & -Co.), 70 Devonshire rd Taunton's School l(R. P. Challacombe B.A. head master), Highfie'ld rd Taylor & Sons, [...]
Full text:[...] 850 wiar SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Winch Regnld. genl. dir. 65/65a, Northam rd Winchester Diocesan Girls' Friendly Hostel (Mrs. E. Denton, lady supt.), 31 Cairlton ores Winchester House (iMr. & M [...]
Full text:[...] id' rs, 1; r 3 d /; 1 THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON ASHURST. See Eling & Totton. ISHOP STOKE is a parish 1 mile urth-east from Eastleigh (which was for-srly called Bishopstoke) railway station, mi [...]
Full text:[...] 1260 SOIi SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Societies & Associations—continued. Southampton Allotments Association Ltd. (B. Angel,, genl. sec.), 28 Stratton rd. Southampton Association of Girls' Gluts & [...]
Full text:[...] A 26 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. Evening Institutes. Central, Argyle road; G. A. Stares Itchen, Magnolia road, Bitterne; A. A. Grant Swaythling, Mayfield road; L. S. G. Silk Western, Stafford road; G. R. [...]
Full text:[...] 64 BUR Burlington road—continued. 67 Hamley-Jenkins Edwd 69 Anderson Jn. F 71 Knight Arnold 73 Le Roy Louis 75 Wilson Donald H 77 Woodward Rt 79 Kempton Arth. L West side. 2 Calver Saml 4 Kirkland Do [...]
Full text:[...] I 162 HUL Howard's grove—continued. 22 Hanger Fredk 24. O'Dell Mrs 28 Banks Mrs 30 Churms Wilfred 32 Cook Mrs. L 34 Ranger Luke 36 Ranger Geo is Vincent st....... 38 Line Wilfred 40 Hop [...]
Full text:[...] $ PwrcJG^ofEdwd u ^?&h5^"Belsize Boat Yard Ltd. boat bldrs 56 BelsizeBoatYard Ltd.(store) jg Fraser Jn 64 lumber Geo. Hy 66 Peckham Mrs 63 Birch Chas 70 Manship Alia j2 Godwin Albion Edwd 74 Bates Ch [...]
Full text:[...] queen * cv s road, Shirley. From 56 Wilton road. Map C 4. 1Bunday Geo 2 Douglas Jn 3 Lakeman Arth i Butteriss Wm. Geo 5 Butcher Wm. Jas 6 Sweet Mrs 7 Richards Thos g Savage Raymond R. J g Gallantry R [...]
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