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Full text:[...] iWS I A2 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. f! $ Castle, stretches Hoi'th-westward nearly 7 miles, and on the eastern shore are the ruins of Netley Abbey, and on the west is the New Forest. The town is approache [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. since 1949 by the Rev. Leigh- Cameron Edwards M.A. \ St Luke's, Newtown, is an ecclesiastical SwS sups s if?:«a g»8& vt; .• :S the west wall is a brass tablet containing the na [...]
Full text:[...]  A 30 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. u , I; I Southampton Mental Welfare Association (Occupation Centre), 5 Cranbury terrace, Newtown; Mrs. M. E. B. Threadgold B.A. investigation officer Southampton Model En [...]
Full text:[...] 72 CAB Carlton crescent—continued 9 Hallum George S. & Sons, builders, contractors, decorators &c. Tel 26586 9 Foster Mrs. E. G 9 Riley Mrs. Anne M.Ch.S. chiropodist 10a, Bradbury Mrs ...... here is [...]
Full text:[...] 6 Fletcher Jsph 7 Loram Regnld 8 Gray Philip Sidney 9 Ingram Sydney F 10 Levingston Hy 11 McFie Mrs. L East side. Sholing Church Institute CRANBURY TERRACE, Newtown. From The Avenue to 41 Onslow road [...]
Full text:[...] 256 POB Portland street—continued. . 3 Marine Contractors Ltd. (reg. office), salvage contractors 4 Southern Newspapers Ltd. (C. F. Carr, general manager), newspaper publshrs •SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO (pu [...]
Full text:[...] > 51 Levene Mrs. L. wardrobe dlr 52 Mai or Fredk. Wm. butcher 53 Hallpike I. T. confctnr 54 AQUARIUMS (L. J. F. Mitchell), pet stores. T N 26042 55 Tester Jn 56 & 57 SOUTHAMPTON CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY [...]
Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. HIS 797 sw& HICKLEYS (FURS) LTD. furS& rowns, 3 College place, London road. Telephone No. 26275 Hickman & Son, coal & coke mers. 88a, Kent rd. Portswood Hickman H. Cressey, soli [...]
Full text:[...] 798 HIT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Hitchin D. M. (Miss) L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. teacher of music, 49 Whitworth rd. Bitterne Park H.M. Customs & Excise (J. G. Davies, surveyor; A. Cope, H. A. M. Robinso [...]
Full text:[...] 812 MIS SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD : ■ s 'V ii. i Missions to Seamen's Church & Institute (The) (Rev. Canon Jn. Wilfred Clift, chaplain; Capt. P. A. Morgan O.B.E., R.D., R.N.R. hon. sec.), 12,13 & [...]
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