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Full text:[...] 876 CHANDLER'S FORD DIRECTORY. COMMERCIAL. ■ Adams Wni. Halfway inn, 114 Winchester rd Angus Mabel B. (Mrs.), draper, 107 Winchester rd Atherley Dyers & Cleaners, 79 Bournemouth rd Baker Fredk. C. de [...]
Full text:[...] 1052 HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY. ♦Kilford Wltr. Jn. chemist, & post officc, 40/41 Victoria rd "Dankest @r & Crook Ltd. grocers &c. •Station rd tLeigb Bert, farmer, Old Netley farm, Portsmouth r [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. COA 1137 st Denys & Bitterne Park Conservative, Unionist & Working Men's (Victor Mitchell, sec.), 100 St. Denys rd. St. Denys nhirlev & Millbrook Unionist (A. S. Jenkins, sec.; J. [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 27 Guilmont, district commissioner; C. E. Tuck, 46 Luceombe road, divisional sec.) comprising the following groups: 2nd Group ; 6th Group ; 12th Group; 15th Group ; 18th Grou [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 29 Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 90 Northam road; E. Winde-bank, 88 Welbeck avenue, sec. & William Hallam, 46 Steuart road, Bitterne Park, inspector [...]
Full text:[...]  1226 OFF SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD liii? ! I! Nursing Homes & Institutions-St. Jude's Nursing Home -continued. ST. jude s f'luLfij&jL/njcj, ht
Full text:[...] 154 HIG SOUTHAMPTON Highfield lane—continued. 119 Cotswold Hotel (R. G. Burt, propr) 117 Army Cadet Club (Maj. Cyril L. Grinyer, warden) 117 Newman Wm. F 115 Ruffell Montague 115 Misselbrook Mrs 113 [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. WIT 3P1 WINKLE STREET. From 84 High street. . Map E 9. North side. Downer Geo. & Sons, ship-smiths (chain testing works) St. Julian Church (French Angelican) Hospital of God's House [...]
Full text:[...] 25 Porter Wm 27 Baker F. V. statar 29 Webb Alfd. photographer 31 Luton Hat Shop (The) (Mrs. W. M. Haddow), ladies' outfitters 33 & id, Ingram Ernest, tobccnsfc 35 Bungalow Caf£ (The) (Collins & Budd) [...]
Full text:[...] SHAKESPEARE RD. From 29 Twyford road. North side. 2 Davis Wltr. Thos i Benest Arth. A. <3-6 Beard Mrs. L S Evans Thos. Ed 10 Berry Wm. Hy 12 Hitchings Chas 14 Clements Geo. Arth 16 Breadmore Mrs 18 S [...]
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