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Full text:[...] iWS I A2 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. f! $ Castle, stretches Hoi'th-westward nearly 7 miles, and on the eastern shore are the ruins of Netley Abbey, and on the west is the New Forest. The town is approache [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. since 1949 by the Rev. Leigh- Cameron Edwards M.A. \ St Luke's, Newtown, is an ecclesiastical SwS sups s if?:«a g»8& vt; .• :S the west wall is a brass tablet containing the na [...]
Full text:[...] " / \ A 4 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i': Avenue Congregational church, erected in 1897-8 is a red brick building, seating 720 people. There is a Methodist church in Ivy road, St. Denys, built in 1883, an [...]
Full text:[...] A 24 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i; Mission Hall, 22 Adelaide road, St. Denys Mission Hall, Kentish road, Freemantle Mission Hall, King street Mission Hall, 110 Millbrook road, Freemntle Mission Room (St. [...]
Full text:[...] A 26 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. Evening Institutes. Central, Argyle road; G. A. Stares Itchen, Magnolia road, Bitterne; A. A. Grant Swaythling, Mayfield road; L. S. G. Silk Western, Stafford road; G. R. [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 27 Guilmont, district commissioner; C. E. Tuck, 46 Luceombe road, divisional sec.) comprising the following groups: 2nd Group ; 6th Group ; 12th Group; 15th Group ; 18th Grou [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 29 Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 90 Northam road; E. Winde-bank, 88 Welbeck avenue, sec. & William Hallam, 46 Steuart road, Bitterne Park, inspector [...]
Full text:[...]  A 30 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. u , I; I Southampton Mental Welfare Association (Occupation Centre), 5 Cranbury terrace, Newtown; Mrs. M. E. B. Threadgold B.A. investigation officer Southampton Model En [...]
Full text:[...] 64 BUR Burlington road—continued. 67 Hamley-Jenkins Edwd 69 Anderson Jn. F 71 Knight Arnold 73 Le Roy Louis 75 Wilson Donald H 77 Woodward Rt 79 Kempton Arth. L West side. 2 Calver Saml 4 Kirkland Do [...]
Full text:[...] 72 CAB Carlton crescent—continued 9 Hallum George S. & Sons, builders, contractors, decorators &c. Tel 26586 9 Foster Mrs. E. G 9 Riley Mrs. Anne M.Ch.S. chiropodist 10a, Bradbury Mrs ...... here is [...]
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