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Full text:[...] ITCHENSIDE, Swaythling. From Robert Cecil avenue. ITCHENSIDE CLOSE, Swaythling. From 26 Robert Cecil av. to Mansbridge road. East side. 2 Katon Harold i R.athyens Horace N. S 6 Jupe Jn 8 Eklridge Nel [...]
Full text:[...] U Husselwhite Edmnd. Geo 55 Russell Mrs. D. E gTiley Hy. Geo m Bailey Bernard ¥m ;.i Barker Joshua M 14 Carter Mrs. M. O 15 Cox Owen is Silsbury Leonard Jn a Fitters Thos. Fredk 2 Mcholls Frank Percy [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. PRI 265 H' l Cox Mrs. R. J. hairdrssr 9 Ballard Jas. T. beer retlr 3 Hoskins Mrs. R. K. cafe is Sussex rd....... South side. Bendy PercvLM iipHendVI LTD authorised FORD m [...]
Full text:[...] 103 Lewis Leslie Arth 105 Barker Percy .. here is King George s av . 107 Gregson_ Percy O ' 109 Lane Brio 111 Cunningham W 113 Penney Edgar Hy North-side. l\, Scriven Arth. Ernest 2 Whittington Stanl [...]
Full text:[...] Ill THE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD DIRECTORY PRIVATE RESIDENTS EXPLANATION". It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a certain person, but does not know exactly [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. CAR 423 lift r„ndy Okas. 7 Monks way, Swaythling llS?f?Ss,fstswood aWestend rd. g;|8%VsHK5 M? ThSbU, Bassett crescent east, Bassett Candy Peter, 6 King's Park rd Pandv Raymond V. 1 [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. HOD 535 st. IIIS4 HSsbT°hfs. W. 70 Harefield rd. Hampton flobbs" Vernon D. 27 Radway rd. Shirley Hobby Arth.^'n. Zllsower close, Woolston Hobby MlrsdA82i'rKnagliten rd. Bitterne Pa [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. PHI 647 g OMfilteSr£ Pra^tcm Geo SFred k. 89 Bridge rd. Itchen Preston Herbt. J. 6 Cavendish gro Preston Herbt. Sidney, 15 Parkville rd. PrcJton^Jack Regnld. 38 Orchards way, Prest [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. STTJ 703 S{ride Ronald J. 20 Furzedown rd. High- gt&7B^^Miil&Sk%^Freemantle S MrsdB.' ^White's rd. Bitterne SI J^L.'S-'oInnon st. Shirley rd. " Bitterne Park ctrong Mrs. 74 Acacia [...]
Full text:[...] 776 CHA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Chamberlain F. grocer, 11 Oakbank rd. Woolston Chamberlayne Estate Offices (The) (Drivers, Jonas & Co. agents), 15 Cumberland pi. Tel. 23967 Chambers A. J. & Co. [...]
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