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Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON^ DIRECTORY. A 1 SOUTHAMPTON SOUTHAMPTON is a seaport, a parliamentary, county and municipal borough, a market town and parish; it is the head ot a county court district, petty sessional [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 19 ttm Customs & Excise Water Guard Offices, Graving road. Docks; Herbert WaJlker avenue, Southampton New Dock & No. 11 station, Test chambers, Test road, #%^Customs & Excise [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 21 Commercial Assistant, P. G. Drewry A. M.Inst.T I Solicitors, Messrs. Pearce, Harfiedd <6 I SnnSiampton Port Health Authority Office, Graving road, Docks; Hubeirfc C. M. Wi [...]
Full text:[...]  A 30 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. u , I; I Southampton Mental Welfare Association (Occupation Centre), 5 Cranbury terrace, Newtown; Mrs. M. E. B. Threadgold B.A. investigation officer Southampton Model En [...]
Full text:[...]  A 32 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. r- Winsor—Allsop, ' Dolphin,' tues. & thurs. 2 p.m. (via Calmore) ' Woodlands—Reeves,' Dolphin, ' fri. noon Water Conveyances. Docks & Inland "Waterways Executive. Dock [...]
Full text:[...] 56 BRO SOUTHAMPTON i-- W Hi: ;r: :) Broadlands road—continued. 150 Parsons Chas 152 Parker Jas 154a, Eowe Geo 154 Biggs Edwd. Wltr ...... here is Woodcote 'rd _____ 156 Barnes Mrs. R. A 156 Biggs Edw [...]
Full text:[...] BROMLEY ROAD, Bitterne park. From 27 Witts hill to 64 Cleve land road. | Map I 4, H 5, I 5. North side. ! 1 Dotting- Geo. T | 3 Tee Chas ,j 5 Mugliston Arth. J h 7 Silby Douglas 9 Lucas Ernest Edwd " [...]
Full text:[...] 60 BTJL SOUTHAMPTON ter Bugle street—continued. I Seagroatt Harold V 3 Billows Dennis II Dennis Wm 11 Earley Thos. Jn ...... here is Westgate 17 Shields Arth. Rt 19 Hcottow Wm 21 Simpson Mrs. R 23 Sa [...]
Full text:[...] j5 Bailey Mrs. A. J j7 Gray Jn 67 Gibbs Dick South side. 2 Coleman Alfd. T 4 Marett Alfd. J 6 Stoneley Geo. Herbt g Ellery Victor Geo 10 Webber Raymond 12 Taylor Fredk 14 Painter Ernest Fredk 16 Stre [...]
Full text:[...] t) a. 0 lum) E.M. 0 (St. ven) ee) agt. rent irie) post tion e G idoc ntal 19 Freedman Frank Horace 51 Summers Steven P « Hampshire Cyril J 53 Walter Miss F. E 57 Boyd Jas 59 Montague Edgar <1 Milnes [...]
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