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Full text:[...] Council; J. E. Webber (chairman), G. T. Whitmarsh, H. W. Adcock, R. L. Welch, S. Williams, S. E. West, L. Broadbent, A. M. Coombs, F. C. Phillips, H. N. Webb, G. K. Trowbridge; W. Archer, [...]
Full text:[...] 1068 MILLBROOK DIRECTORY. Yendall Wilfred J. 34 Elmes drive Yexley Lionel M. 7 Peak close York Arth. 1 Teme rd Young Alfd. 9 Pennine ho. Pennine rd Young Douglas E. 95 Elmes drive Young Jsph., Simla, [...]
Full text:[...] 1046 HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY. a .a Netley and Hound are tithings in the parish of Hound. There is a Methodist church at Netley, erected in 1901, with 200 sittings. By orders of Council, date [...]
Full text:[...] is a vicaj'age, in the gift of the Bishop of Winchester and has been held since 1946 by the Rev. William Victor Lambert, who is a surrogate. The church of All Saints, which is attached to the parish [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 5 The Royal Southampton Yacht Club, on red brick, with terra-cotta dressings, in the Domestic Gothic style. The Southampton Public Baths are situated on the western shore. Th [...]
Full text:[...] " / \ A 4 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. i': Avenue Congregational church, erected in 1897-8 is a red brick building, seating 720 people. There is a Methodist church in Ivy road, St. Denys, built in 1883, an [...]
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