Volumes in the collection: Southampton Directory
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Full text:[...]  A 32 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. r- Winsor—Allsop, ' Dolphin,' tues. & thurs. 2 p.m. (via Calmore) ' Woodlands—Reeves,' Dolphin, ' fri. noon Water Conveyances. Docks & Inland "Waterways Executive. Dock [...]
Full text:[...] queen * cv s road, Shirley. From 56 Wilton road. Map C 4. 1Bunday Geo 2 Douglas Jn 3 Lakeman Arth i Butteriss Wm. Geo 5 Butcher Wm. Jas 6 Sweet Mrs 7 Richards Thos g Savage Raymond R. J g Gallantry R [...]
Full text:[...] 798 HIT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Hitchin D. M. (Miss) L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. teacher of music, 49 Whitworth rd. Bitterne Park H.M. Customs & Excise (J. G. Davies, surveyor; A. Cope, H. A. M. Robinso [...]
Full text:[...] Ij ii 1264 STE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD i . ) r.;s Steam & Navigation Companies—continued. British
Full text:[...] til XI !■ 1264 STE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD III Steam & Navigation Companies—continued. British
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