Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON ASHURST. See Eling. BISHOP STOKE is a parish 1 mile north-east from Eastleigh (which was formerly called Bishopstoke) railway station, 731 miles from London, 6' north [...]
Full text:[...] BISSOfSTOKE DIRECTORY. : , commercial. Abbott H. F. shopkpr. 52 Hamilton rd Albury Cyril E. bldr. 104 Fair Oak rd Amy Wilfred lit. insur. agt. 19 St. Margaret's rd . Andrews Harry, ironmngr. 1 & 2 Bi [...]
Full text:[...] 804 CHANDLERS font) blkEGfOHY. Chandler's Ford Central Club & Institute Limited, 2 Winchester road; A. Berry, sec. St. Boniface Hall. Hursley road Chandler's Ford Railway Station, Hursley "road Count [...]
Full text:[...] f 812 CHANDLER'S FORD DIRECTORY. Ward Jsph. 102 Kingsway Ward Jsph. Wm. 100 Kingsway -Warden Louis, 309 Hursley rd Wareham Fras. Hy. 54 Pine rd Watkins David Jn. 30 Brownhill rd Watson Peter, 81 Brow [...]
Full text:[...] CHANDLER'S FORD DIRECTORY. ^handler's Ford Women's Institute (Miss Cope president; Mrs. Payne, hon. sec.), Ritchie hall, Hursley rd Chubb Cecily (Miss), ladies' ihairdrssr. 77 Bournemouth rd ^Hings H [...]
Full text:[...]  818 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Primary Schools. ' Allbrook Church of England, Pitmoire road (mixed); Miss M. E. Taplin, head mistress Bishopstoke (mixed); C. P. Marshall, head master Chamberla^ne road (ho [...]
Full text:[...] 838 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. f #1 Leigh road—^Continued. : 61 & 63 Golden Stanley Jn. M.B., B.S., M.R.C.S.. L.R.C.P. physcn.&surgn. (surgery) 65 Eastleigh Radio Relay Exchange Ltd. radio relay service 6 [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 841 321 Strattbn Bertram Edgar 323 McCutcheon Wm 325 Harsley Mrs. E. grocer ..... here are Cherbourg & ......Southampton roads >..."...... East side. 2 Beck Albt. Wm 4 Shepherd A [...]
Full text:[...]  848 Shakespeare road—continued. 32 Sherrington Edwd 31 French Fras. Oliver 36 Goll-edge Jack Percy 38 Meakins Enos 40 Collings Arth 42 Powell Leonard Thos ...... here is Ruskin rd ..... 44 Walters [...]
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