Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. I : ' I SOUTHAMPTON REDIFFU- SION SERVICE LTD. BROADCAST RELAY SERVICE, REDIFFUSION HOUSE, The Avenue. T N 75661 Southampton Rodiffusion. Service Ltd. 36 .Cannon st. Shirley Sou [...]
Full text:[...] 790 WTIi SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD "Wilson James R. (Southampton) Ltd. timber mers. West Quay rd WILSON & LEGG, manufacturers' agents & distributors (mfrs. of Crown chromium cleaner & Crown car w [...]
Full text:[...] THE NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON ASHURST. See Eling. BISHOP STOKE is a parish 1 mile north-east from Eastleigh (which was formerly called Bishopstoke) railway station, 731 miles from London, 6' north [...]
Full text:[...] 894 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. j; P fe- t - Jackson C. watch ffikf. 7 Factory rd Jackson Len, grocer, 25 High st Jago & Son, watch mkrs. 42 High st Jafties C. E. Chief Sanitary Inspector to Eastleigh Borou [...]
Full text:[...] 988 COA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD % i Clues—continued. St. Denys & Bitterne Park Conservative, Unionist Working Men's (A. J _ Frampton, sec.). 100 St. Denys rd.St.Denys Shirley
Full text:[...] 6 AM SOUTHAMPTON fish Albert road—continued. 149 Johnson J as. fried shop Ministry of Labour & National Service Employment Exchange (Dockers', Seamen's & Shipyard workers' dept.) J. C. Congdon, manag [...]
Full text:[...] 429 "Bite Frank 427 IToldaway Percy Thos 425 Dominy Fredk. Wm 423 Turner Fredk. Jas 421 Woods Wltr 410 Fox Albt. R 417 Brown Rt 415 Fitt Edwd. Rt 413 Swanton Terence Gerald 411 Townsend Albt. Geo 409 [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. HA? 131 1c7 Parker Albt. Bernard ioP Hewlett Mrs U! Arts Mrs 1)3 Passell Wm ii.> Rogers Mrs. K 117 Hutchings F-redk. Jas HP Jones Chas. Edmnd 123 Buellan Ales. Jsph !•;:> Jolly Aaro [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. HXG 141 ^Granger Miss D gi Holdaway Mrs.,P Quintan.Geo. Hy George Hy. Jn ' Babbi tts Mrs „^pp!iu Edwd. Chas T, Clark-; Redmond x Pratt Fredk. Vince |TuiSn Baymond hert- is Holyrood [...]
Full text:[...] - Jn. Is28 Kewbolt Ernest Is Bsbbidge Wltr T»i Pace Mrs gg Jackson Ed ;«S Laver Jas. Wltr. J upholsterer I go Maeey Jas. Albt. Jn e 232 Welch Wm. Geo 234 Moors Wm 35 Miller Wm. Albt : gg Callaway Alb [...]
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