Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. BELMONT ROAD, , Porfcswood. from Westridge road to 236 Portswood road. West side. So Darling Geo. Felix ; Miller Ian H. E |9 Pearce Capt. Rt. M |l Barrett Capt. Chas. Fredk 83 Lev,- [...]
Full text:[...] 70 Lake Edwd 72 Brookwell Mrs 74 Eidridge Alfd. Geo. H 76 Stay Arth. F 78 Webb Wm 80 Wort Jas. Fredk. S2 P.Iake Wltr 84 Pickett Regnld. Chas 86 Candy Ernest 90 Broadbere Alfd. Thos 92 Golding Mrs. A. [...]
Full text:[...] 28 BEE Bedford place—continued. 69 Dedit Ltd. insecticide mfrs 69 Devereux Mrs. P., C.S.I., M.'S.S.Ch. chiropodist 69 Stankiewiez'Jsph 70 Gubb Wm. furniture dlr 71 SOUTHAMPTON CO- OPERATIVE SOCIETY L [...]
Full text:[...] "if % I I 26 BAS Bassete row—continued. South side. Pinelrurst. fiat A, Hasiam Albt, Oscar fiat B, Congdon Cecil flat C, Johns Cbas. W flat D, Laidman T Jackman Edwd. B Nicholls Mrs. K. E.(H.ylton) [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. Fry Harold (Sarum) Dear Boland G. (The Rest) Paling Chas. Alfd. (Hazel-dene) Symes Wm. Jas. (Alberta) 2\Teal Geo. (Rosemary) Johns Grenville Cooper ("V erwood) Hulbert Regnld. (Rhei [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. 25 Scorgie Rt. L is Bassett cres. west. 27 Pursey Geo. Hy. A 29 Mollett Mrs. L James Rt. E. V. '(Tudor ho) Royal Army Service Corps (Transport Office for Southampton, Portsm [...]
Full text:[...] i :f •! i.U: 'it 22 BAB Barne? hoad—continued. 7 'Stephens Rt 9 Doling Geo 11. Sheppard Edwd. A 13 Bigg Ronald 15 Webb Geo. H 17 Withers -Louis 19 Bigley Mrs. 'E 21 Adams Percy 23 Boden Lewis 25 McCo [...]
Full text:[...] | « Elliott Alfd. Norman 157 Clift Thos. V. A 159 Harris Stanley V BACK-OF-TH E-WALLS. See Lower & Upper Back-of-the-Walls. BACON ROAD, Woolston. From Scott road to 55 Wallace road. North side. • 1 B [...]
Full text:[...] i 20 AVO sec. Southampton Central district) 35a, My land Wltr. C ...... here is Cambridge rd...... 37 BarndenMiss . 39 Broadway Edwd. Rupe.t 41 Rook Alfd. A 43 Elkin Mrs. M. A. E 45 Grace Wm 47*(Sat [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON 16 ASH ASHBY ROAD, Sholmg. 24 Hamfcun road f From South side. 1 Bunker Edwd. J as 2 Murphy Jas 3 Williams Victor 4 Nielson Chas. Ed 5 Hutchings Harold Victor 6 Knowles Frank 7 Brookes Tho [...]
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