Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] 12 ABC Archer's kom>—continued. 9 Brider Jn. Ewart 9a, Ward-Davies Orechton A 9b, Olphin Eric ...... here is Banister rd ...... 17 Lister Mrs. M. B 19 Lloyd Mrs. E. servants ■ registry office 19 Eliz [...]
Full text:[...]  Y! Arnold road—continued. 16 Javes Mrs 18 Maybank Harry 20 White Wilfrid Jsph 22 Jurd Chas 24 Limbilrn Mrs 26 Tickner Stephen 28 Trim Geo. Fredk 30 Cameron Mrs 82 Heale (Bertie . 34 Virgo Wm. Jas . [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. ASH 15 ! Matthews David su Summers Jas I" here is Aberdeen st ...... IsBradbury Bros. (Southamp-| ton) Ltd. spray painters Ascunart Primary School {.junior mixed & infants) ash tree [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON 16 ASH ASHBY ROAD, Sholmg. 24 Hamfcun road f From South side. 1 Bunker Edwd. J as 2 Murphy Jas 3 Williams Victor 4 Nielson Chas. Ed 5 Hutchings Harold Victor 6 Knowles Frank 7 Brookes Tho [...]
Full text:[...] i 20 AVO sec. Southampton Central district) 35a, My land Wltr. C ...... here is Cambridge rd...... 37 BarndenMiss . 39 Broadway Edwd. Rupe.t 41 Rook Alfd. A 43 Elkin Mrs. M. A. E 45 Grace Wm 47*(Sat [...]
Full text:[...] | « Elliott Alfd. Norman 157 Clift Thos. V. A 159 Harris Stanley V BACK-OF-TH E-WALLS. See Lower & Upper Back-of-the-Walls. BACON ROAD, Woolston. From Scott road to 55 Wallace road. North side. • 1 B [...]
Full text:[...] i :f •! i.U: 'it 22 BAB Barne? hoad—continued. 7 'Stephens Rt 9 Doling Geo 11. Sheppard Edwd. A 13 Bigg Ronald 15 Webb Geo. H 17 Withers -Louis 19 Bigley Mrs. 'E 21 Adams Percy 23 Boden Lewis 25 McCo [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. 25 Scorgie Rt. L is Bassett cres. west. 27 Pursey Geo. Hy. A 29 Mollett Mrs. L James Rt. E. V. '(Tudor ho) Royal Army Service Corps (Transport Office for Southampton, Portsm [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. Fry Harold (Sarum) Dear Boland G. (The Rest) Paling Chas. Alfd. (Hazel-dene) Symes Wm. Jas. (Alberta) 2\Teal Geo. (Rosemary) Johns Grenville Cooper ("V erwood) Hulbert Regnld. (Rhei [...]
Full text:[...] "if % I I 26 BAS Bassete row—continued. South side. Pinelrurst. fiat A, Hasiam Albt, Oscar fiat B, Congdon Cecil flat C, Johns Cbas. W flat D, Laidman T Jackman Edwd. B Nicholls Mrs. K. E.(H.ylton) [...]
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