Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] 076 h nnting for & emists In hardly more time than it takes you to dispense a bottle of medicine we can get ready and post off to you the finest range of stock labels, cartons, wrappers, etc., you ar [...]
Full text:[...] A48 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. ADVERTI PLEASE NOTE ! DuRING the many years in which we - have studied and handled advertising we have observed that the cardinal points of an advertisement are as follows [...]
Full text:[...] 1124 6 - ADVERTISEMENTS. m : ! V I-.)' ; .SPECIALISTS IN LABELS \—--------------------printed to order r$r dispensing and or your own packed .ines - ' **• v4 s 'TOCK bottle labels (black on yellow [...]
Full text:[...] 656 TAY SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD I Taylor L. J. 6 Parry rd. Sholing Taylor Leonard, 55 St. Catherine's 'rd. Bitterns Park • Taylor Leslie W. 8 Highfield close, Highfield Taylor Lewis H. 9 St. Mo [...]
Full text:[...]  TRADES DIRECTORY. GOOD JOINER Y LAB 1043 -means LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS GOLDING & ANSELL Ltd. PITT ROAD, Southampton TELEPHONE 72495 Manufacturers of Staircases, Cupboards, Shopfronts, Greenhouses, et [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. MUNDY FREDERICK WIU LIAM (decorator & sanitary engnr.), Crabwood rd. Wimpson, Millbrook. Tel. 7M18 Nichol'ls Wm, T. ^Southern) Ltd. Tennyson •rd. Portswood Park Oliver & Bushell, 32 [...]
Full text:[...] TRAPES DIRECTORY. HATJ 1031 NOYCE Removals and General Haulage 31 CHURCH STREET SHIRLEY, SOUTHAMPTON Telephone 71134 Foulkes & Bailey Ltd. 96a, Park rd. Free-mantle FRAMPTON F. C. The Dean, 175 Testw [...]
Full text:[...] 12 ABC Archer's kom>—continued. 9 Brider Jn. Ewart 9a, Ward-Davies Orechton A 9b, Olphin Eric ...... here is Banister rd ...... 17 Lister Mrs. M. B 19 Lloyd Mrs. E. servants ■ registry office 19 Eliz [...]
Full text:[...] A 14 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. tractor PEARSON PAGE MUTUAL LOAN FUND. ASSOCIA- - TION LTD. ...................... A 14 NOYCE H., Remover & haulage con- ......................XOtJi WILLIAM, Auctioneer Fo [...]
Full text:[...] rfc- rl p ■II- a- Si: I" * " 300 TED Taranto road—continued. East side. 20 Stiff Chas. Alfd. Hy , 22 Manchip Edgar Eoland 21 Heather Geo. Hy „ 26 Barrett 'Ernest Fredk 28 West Geo. Jn. Gordon North [...]
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