Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...]  ml 8:' 3-s" 286 SIR Sib George's road—continued. 37 Candy Andrew Wm 19 Dawkins Mrs 21 Tull Mrs 23 Shore Albt 25 Tigg Victor G. upholsterer 27 Watson Wm. Hyc 'Jas 29 Moody Thos 31 Lake Wlbr 33 Brow [...]
Full text:[...]  UNIVERSITY ORES. Highfield. from 72 University road. (No thoroughfare,) East side. 1 Spclraan Patrick Jsph 2 Payne Miss ;t ]'i)r;|crobko Franciszek 4 Foster Alfd Reeves Rt. A. (Dormer) 5 llose Harol [...]
Full text:[...] 712 BEN" SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Bentley M. N. (Miss) M.C.S.P. physiotherapist, 5 Westwood road. Tel. Southampton 74726 Bentwood Chair Supply Co. Ltd. office furniture mfrs. 27 Portland ter [...]
Full text:[...] I' f! ' rn I i g 714 BOXT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD ; ' k - Bound Hy. Chas. F.C.A. chartrd. accntnt. . 3 Portland st Bound Montague F.C.A. chartrd. , accrrtnt. .3 Portland st Boundary Kindergarte [...]
Full text:[...] fc -;i gtsvl '£• eks n IK % !0D: of-J sir i 36 58 C8 Commercial directory. tho ?ei WEARS & WELLS LTD. furriers, 176 Above Bar st. Telephone No. qggi gweet Regnld. Alfd. boot repr. 119 Park rd. ■, Pre [...]
Full text:[...] 4' 784 TUT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD f! : - % % IU! l Tutte J. R. & Son, leather mers. 4 Archer's TUTTE J. R. & SON LTD. wholesale leather & grindery merchants, 38 & 39 Rumbridge st. Totton. [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. boyatt cottages. See Boyatt lane. boyatt farm. See Boyatt lane. boyatt lane. Prom Twyford road to Borough boundary. South side. Boyatt Farm. Woodward Jn Watts Sidney Chas Boyatt [...]
Full text:[...] MILLIiKOOK DIRECTORY. 1. P- «sir E., Brownhill ho. Lower (postal address, Nursling, Walsworth-Bell Brownhili rd: Southampton) Ward Geo. Fredk. Orcana, Crabwood 'Wimpson Ward Begnld. Sidney, Reve [...]
Full text:[...] TRADES DIRECTORY. BUI 977 Wilcox Wltr. Jn. Romsey rd. Nursling Wildig R. & Son, 74 Wilton rd. Shirley Williams Eros. 16 Loane rd. Sholing Willy Ernest J. 106 Twyford rd. Eastleigh Vtf OODLEY WR/I. RT [...]
Full text:[...] f'l- 992 CON SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD !i ;■ fi 15" I: In i I ii Confectioners—Retail—continued. Sakkas Mrs. A. P. 53 Chantry rd 'Sanger 'Miss E. (*fc grocer, tobacconist), 5 iSwift rd. Woolston [...]
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