Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. Fry Harold (Sarum) Dear Boland G. (The Rest) Paling Chas. Alfd. (Hazel-dene) Symes Wm. Jas. (Alberta) 2\Teal Geo. (Rosemary) Johns Grenville Cooper ("V erwood) Hulbert Regnld. (Rhei [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. CHU 75 CHETWYND DRIVE Bassett. from 3 Chetwynd road, j Outer circle. 11 Wbittingbam Edwd I s Charles Wm. Fredk . I s-MathiasJn 1 • Lamb Mrs _ 19 Daniel Arth. Jas in LeBretoD Arth. F [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. GKLE 121 1(j Smith Thos. Geo iS Smith Neville Tkos •*n Wilkinson Percy Thos •>2 Barry Edwd. Wm. Thos ~~i Saunders Mrs % Bovd Hugh Lavelle 30 Sutton Jn. Edwd GEORGE STREET, Northam. [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. MOB 201 MONTROSE COTTS. See South East road. MOORLAND ESTATE, Bitterne. See Hood road, Bitterne. MORDAUNT ROAD. | from 21 The Avenue to 26 Cedar road. South side. are Met [...]
Full text:[...]  r * 328 FAB PARK BOAD—continued. 3Sa, Fanstone Wm. Jas 28 Kendall Mrs SOBartlettJn -■ 82 Oliver & Bushell, bldrfl 32 Oliver Wltr. Wm 34 Shepherd Wm. Lawrence 36 Banks Miss 38 Dawkins Lewis 40 Lawre [...]
Full text:[...]  Tso aSo Tradinj? Co. Ltd. Is^Sk'^f g& Son, type- I writer fctrs IphinipsBd IWilmott Wm. H iSppa ring Mrs. pry Mrs 1 Saunders Wm Ifeeling Edwd. ¥m (i. Alexander Mrs IjWebb Chas. Percy, grocer .....he [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. SIB 285 & - Ferchal Louis Wm .iFiuellen Harry Diaper Stephen [ Vine Lionel Chas j -Ru'ketts Stanley | Fielding Geo i Jones Frank Llewelyn liSlastcrton Wm [ Terry WItr ill:liter Alfd [...]
Full text:[...]  ml 8:' 3-s" 286 SIR Sib George's road—continued. 37 Candy Andrew Wm 19 Dawkins Mrs 21 Tull Mrs 23 Shore Albt 25 Tigg Victor G. upholsterer 27 Watson Wm. Hyc 'Jas 29 Moody Thos 31 Lake Wlbr 33 Brow [...]
Full text:[...]  UNIVERSITY ORES. Highfield. from 72 University road. (No thoroughfare,) East side. 1 Spclraan Patrick Jsph 2 Payne Miss ;t ]'i)r;|crobko Franciszek 4 Foster Alfd Reeves Rt. A. (Dormer) 5 llose Harol [...]
Full text:[...]  -rep" \ ' '■■■}.} i i >!> m- 320 "WAT Waterloo iu)ad—continued. 106 Monday Albt. Edwd 108 Mann Mrs. Eliz iiMSrtea?ota, G«. UOa, Harper Wm. A SI MtaStrS||r»o&d National Distribution O e ntie (Wedn [...]
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