Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...]  V7 % "f v-q/' , West side. If Hickman Mrs IgGailor Chas. Hy b Skipp Cecil If Green Herbt__ , la Bailey Wm. Fredk Kg Smith Thos. R 18 Kings well Arth. Jas K« Sims Hector Geo. Hy _ I v Portswood Prim [...]
Full text:[...]  South side. HazeleiglL House. 1 Stilt Jas 2 Chubb Wltr: Jn 3 Paice Mrs. A 4 Smith Sidney Albt 5 Godwin Mrs 6 Walker Miss 14 Wells Wm 16 Sheridan Michl 18 Saunders Hy 20 Saunders Wm. Geo , 22 Hod ge [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. THE 305 treeside road, Shirley. From 23 Janson road to'Gurney road & Cherry walk. South-west side. 1 Strong Wm 3 Cook Edmnd. Frank 5 Usher Mrs 7 Hughes Elwin Young, in- surance agt [...]
Full text:[...] 596 POC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Poeock Mrs. 6 Lamward mans. Lodge rd Pocock Mrs. 117 Northumberland rd Podesta Alfd. Jn. 5 Bellevue st Podesta Harry, 39 .Garfield rd. Bitterne Park Podger Arth. [...]
Full text:[...] if'!' 762 PIC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD c * >/ •Sri i-1 #1* r ■ 1 A)l | If II 5 BR 0*; Pickfords Ltd. carriers, Crown st. Shirley iPickfords Ltd, cartage depot, Southern Region Railway Goods d [...]
Full text:[...] 1116 TUG SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD JACK COUZENS (MEMBER. OF VICTORIA CLUB, LONDON) Turf Commission Agent Phone: 2112 2113 2114 2115 Telegrams: " Horses, Southampton GENUINE NO LIMIT S.P. OR TOTE [...]
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