Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] 586 PAS SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Passmore Wm. H. 16 Norman ird. Freemantle Passos Mrs. 3 Augustine rd. Northam Passow Misses, 75 Norfolk rd Patch Geo. Hy. 35 Ripstone gdns. Highfield Patcher Edw [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Pparn Mrs. S. L. 18 Lemon rd. Millbrook pearse David, 68 Shirley (Park rd. Shirley Pearse Edwin, 40 St. Andrew's rd Pearse' Frank, 5 Arnold rd. Portswood Pea'rse Hy. Jas., Northdow [...]
Full text:[...] ^9 664 THE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Treasure Hy. 24 Harborough rd Tredger Leslie W. 23 Waterhouse la. Mill-brook Tredger Rt. Fras. 79 Bel-lemoor rd. Shirley Tredger Wm. Rose, 17 Wilton rd. Shirl [...]
Full text:[...] 690 .Will SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Ill I 1 B ;.v Wilkins Fredk. C. 9 Grove rd. Freemantle ' Wilkins Fredk. Poynter, 45 Newtown rd. Woolston Wilkins Geo. Hy. 41 Bellevue. st Wilkins Harold, 36 [...]
Full text:[...] l'ling i av ' at. lorn-lose, dns. »od rd. rd. Bit- rd. 'ley rd. ett me Dok ne Willmare Hy. 58 Stafford rd PRIVATE RESIDENTS. • WIIi 693 Willmore Mrs. 38 Winchester rd. Shirley Fillmore _ Mrs. 21 Chan [...]
Full text:[...] > !-I;1, ■ y u 1 694 WTIi SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Jj-t. A fc!' i t |IJ V 1 1 1 - pv ' v Wilson Kenneth Wm. 99 Bishop's rd. Itchen Wilson Leslie Wm. 8 Mill rd. Millbrook Wilson Miss A. 81 Stanto [...]
Full text:[...] Mitchener Jn. H., A.C.A. chartrd. accntnt. ; 2 Carlton cres Moberly & Wharton, sodcbrs. & commissioners for oaths '(incorporating Bassett, Stanton & Co. & Green, Moberly & Hichens), 6 Portland ter. T [...]
Full text:[...]  k i 1 f; 1/ I ^ I J I I'W'. ',: ri- L ' If i* >f i: v „ \ > ^4 f6- 760 PAR SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD f Parker C. chief ,port sanitary inspector Southampton Port Sanitary Authority; office, Gra [...]
Full text:[...]  ? e : f K N 3 850 Southampton (Eastlbigh) Airport, Southampton road—con. Saunders-Roe Ltd. aircraft , mfrs Rbllason W. A. Ltd. air- craft repair, service Hampshire Aeroplane Club (Wing-Comdr. W. Gor [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 873 Terence Chas. Hy. 25 Campbell! rd Lawrence Edwin W. P. 143 Twyford rd Lawrence Miss H. 174 Southampton rd Lawry Jn. 14 St. John's rd Lawry Mrs. A. M. 17 Barton rd Lav Arth. J [...]
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