Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] I' f! ' rn I i g 714 BOXT SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD ; ' k - Bound Hy. Chas. F.C.A. chartrd. accntnt. . 3 Portland st Bound Montague F.C.A. chartrd. , accrrtnt. .3 Portland st Boundary Kindergarte [...]
Full text:[...] THE . SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD DIRECTORY COMMERCIAL EXPLANATION. It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a certain person, but does not know exactly where the [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. WEE 699 Woolmer Win. 175 Midanbury la. Bitterne. Park Woolston Chas. 85 Charlton rd Woor Denis F. W. 22 Hilldown rd. Highfield Wootten Fredk. Chas. 66 Derby rd Wootten Hy. Geo. 75 [...]
Full text:[...] l'ling i av ' at. lorn-lose, dns. »od rd. rd. Bit- rd. 'ley rd. ett me Dok ne Willmare Hy. 58 Stafford rd PRIVATE RESIDENTS. • WIIi 693 Willmore Mrs. 38 Winchester rd. Shirley Fillmore _ Mrs. 21 Chan [...]
Full text:[...] 692 Wlli SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 1 i I t: •rii Williams Norman, 5 Newlands av Williams Norman Bex, 37 Lobelia rd. • Swa^tMing Williams Frank, 22 Smythe .rd. Sholing Williams Parry, 119 Upper S [...]
Full text:[...] 690 .Will SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Ill I 1 B ;.v Wilkins Fredk. C. 9 Grove rd. Freemantle ' Wilkins Fredk. Poynter, 45 Newtown rd. Woolston Wilkins Geo. Hy. 41 Bellevue. st Wilkins Harold, 36 [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. fi'hyman Wm. Hy. 24 Ley ton rd. Northam Whyte Chas. Jn. sen. 5 Tork rd. Freemantle Wbyte Chas, Jn. Rymer. 89 Fir Grove rd Freemantle ' Wbyte Ernest, 763 Ports wood rd Whyte Hugh, 1 [...]
Full text:[...] 686 WHI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD I . I I M' #!''■ I'1 -- I - til: White Jn. 90 St. Andrew's rd White Jn. Sunnydale, Cobden av. Bitterne Park White Jn. 9 Uplands way, Highfield White Jn. B. 317 [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. WHI 685 White Arth. 28 Cromwell rd White Arth. 322 Spring rd. Sholing White Arth. D. 106a, Upper Shirley av. Shirley White Arth. E. 25 Newton rd. Bitterne Pk White Arth. E. 71 Payn [...]
Full text:[...] 684 WHE SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD K - ■■i't'; ; n 3. " Wheeler Jn, 17 Bath st Wheeler Jn. 106 Derby rd. Wheeler Jn. '40 Onibury rd. Bitterne Park Wheeler Jn. 106 Eadcliffe rd Wheeler Jn. IS Wit [...]
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