Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...]  848 Shakespeare road—continued. 32 Sherrington Edwd 31 French Fras. Oliver 36 Goll-edge Jack Percy 38 Meakins Enos 40 Collings Arth 42 Powell Leonard Thos ...... here is Ruskin rd ..... 44 Walters [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Willsher Edwin, grocer Southampton Gaslight & On fworks) . Coke Co. (works) lit Blundell Geo. Ernest 53 Rogers Edwd ]55 Cheeseman Jn here is O'Connell rd..... 157 Gillett Wm. Tho [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 841 321 Strattbn Bertram Edgar 323 McCutcheon Wm 325 Harsley Mrs. E. grocer ..... here are Cherbourg & ......Southampton roads >..."...... East side. 2 Beck Albt. Wm 4 Shepherd A [...]
Full text:[...] 180 Cooper .Mrs. G. M g . 186 Holloway Arth 188 Leigtf Hotef,1
Full text:[...] 834 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY, I High street—continued.. 171 Tribbick lm. J as 173 Lewis Wm 175 Tarrant Geo 177 Raindle Fredk. A 179 Bannell Edwd 181 Lawford Ernest Frank 183 Perdue Mrs. K. E 185 Bennett [...]
Full text:[...] 826 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Win Cranbury road—continued. 211 Rose Mrs 213 Jetten Albt 215 Snow Frank 217 Bligh Regnld 219 Clare Albt., 221 Pearce Sidney Geo 223 Kasper Mrs 225 Young Wltr. 227 Lucas Geo. [...]
Full text:[...] pr. CHESTNUTS (THE). See Twyford road, Allbrook. CLOVELLY. See Twyford joad, Allbrook. CONISTON ROAD. From 5 Tennyson road to 32 Grantham road. South side. Beecham Albt Smale Jas • Ives Jas. Hy Warwi [...]
Full text:[...]  May Sidney Chas Stone Geo. Leonard Lines Albt. Wm Blake Wm. Jsph Lynham Jas Potter Fredk. Jn Beavis Wallace Geo Snook Wm. J as Streeter Stanley Arth. Mockett Mrs Webb Ernest . Hill Sidney • Dingley [...]
Full text:[...] 822 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 1 j- I x gl I Campbell road—continued. 30 Clulow Thomas 82 Lissamer Mrs 34 Morris Thos. Benj 36 Garwood Win 38 Hanley Bernard, sen 40 Dominy Jas. Wm. Geo 42 Hiscock Wm. Hy. C [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. boyatt cottages. See Boyatt lane. boyatt farm. See Boyatt lane. boyatt lane. Prom Twyford road to Borough boundary. South side. Boyatt Farm. Woodward Jn Watts Sidney Chas Boyatt [...]
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