Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] I5i Knott Cyril F fe Tonga St. Danl & Hanvood Fredk. Cecil Ifl Bassett Mrs. E. G & Beid Geo. Alfd. D la Bright Albt. Geo % Andrews Albt. Et Jg Odeii Misses p Cole Albt. Edwd 13 Gorman Thos. Wm |'j Le [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON 188 MAY AVAMAB1E MR All f«r#Vf OCCASfOMS Edward W. Beal International Brotherhood of Magicians (British Ring No. 25) tk e *a,cj.iciayi w (^Jntertaind Lo Presenting a Programme of Mirth an [...]
Full text:[...] THE i I SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD DIRECTORY PRIVATE RESIDENTS EXPLANATION. It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a certain person bat does not know exactly wh [...]
Full text:[...] THE . SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD DIRECTORY COMMERCIAL EXPLANATION. It may sometimes happen that a user of this Directory knows the address of a certain person, but does not know exactly where the [...]
Full text:[...] 1050 MAC SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD hi J- t- t 0: MACHINERY MERCHANTS. Millbrook Ironworks Ltd. Millbrook rd. Millbrook. See advertisement SELWOOD WILLIAM R. Bourne- mouth road, Chandler's Fori. T [...]
Full text:[...] <" 1ft ! 'if i'.f fl . ifi: jii h i" 112 ELS Elmbusigh gardens—con. Turner Frank (Norbreck) Salisbury Jim (Crofton) Williams Dennis T. (Oddi-combe) ^ , „ Bowdrey Fredk. T. (Cruden) Payne Wm, Jn. (Le [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. HOL 145 H spiby Jn 15 Linton Miss D. L 17 Somsey Miss A. C 03 Curtis Wm. Hy i5 Goodger Misses 27 Ferris Merryn B 31 N-jrris Mrs 31 3i;icey Alfd 33 Bitndall Wm. Alfd 33 Cooke Cecil G [...]
Full text:[...] I: Br 178 LYO Lyon street—continued. 9 Wareham Mrs. S. S 11 Chown Jn. Fredk. E 15 Royal Geo. Wm here is Onslow rd . St. Luke's Parish Room 53 Best Fredk , 55 Thorn Chas. J 57 Baker Wm. Geo 59 Odell [...]
Full text:[...] 294 STA I Mr ¥ i-v - o . I- I # 1 Stanton koad—continued. Megaw David Oalliday (Stanhope) 1 Duncan Mrs. K 3 Smith Jn 5 Hallett Roy Dudley 7 Gregory Edwin Jn 9 Gillam Wm. Hy 11 Moody Herbt 13 Bar [...]
Full text:[...]  316 WAX, ' m 11 H I ■Hr I # WALNUT AVENUE, Swaythling. From 8 Wide Jane. South side. . Primary School (infants) North side. 1 Upton Mrs. G 2 Topp Fredk. Ralph 3 Carter Norman 4 Henderson Jas. Rt. C [...]
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