Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 865 Follett Arth. Chas: 13 Railway cotts. South- Ford Alfd. 33 Coniston rd Ford Alfd. Rd. 102 Chamberlayne rd Ford Archbld. 9 St. John's rd Ford Arth.- Edwd. 13 Magpie la Ford Ch [...]
Full text:[...] 866 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Hallett Wltr. Ernest, 4/7 Faloon sq "Halliday Wm. Geo. Hy. 153 Cranbury rd Haly Cnds. Wm. Vercoe, 96 Doncaster rd Ham Wm. W. 93 Market st Hames Ernest, 5 Woodside la Hamilton [...]
Full text:[...] EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 873 Terence Chas. Hy. 25 Campbell! rd Lawrence Edwin W. P. 143 Twyford rd Lawrence Miss H. 174 Southampton rd Lawry Jn. 14 St. John's rd Lawry Mrs. A. M. 17 Barton rd Lav Arth. J [...]
Full text:[...]  1 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 891 Bellamy V. H. aeronautical contrctrs. Southampton (Eastleigh) Airport, South- Rendell° Ernest F. tobccnst: 2 Leigh rd Bendon Frederick William, furniture dealer & house fu [...]
Full text:[...] Abbey Post, M. O. and T. Office, 40 and 4.1 Victoria road—Walter Jn. Kilford; postmaster. Letters through Southampton Butlocks Heath Post Office, Woolstou road—Bertie James Vanderplank, [...]
Full text:[...] ' i lr 906 HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY. j r rir r b If Hi ♦Boggust Clifford, 29 Sea View estate (Bolt Victor. Ernest, Greymist, Botley rd (Boncey Frank, Mizpah, Botley rd ♦Bone Chas. 20 Sea View [...]
Full text:[...] if hi b b 912 MILLBROOK DIRECTORY. It W-ff- b : ft I SS I Farenden Arth. S'hapwick, Parkside av F ergueon Miss, 36 Maybuah rd. Wimp son Fisher Fredk. H., Quantock, Brookwood rd Fisher Harold Cecil, [...]
Full text:[...] MILLBJEtOOK DIRECTORY. •Miller Jn.'Chas., Rose Marie, Muhro "eres Minns Harry, Cotre ho. Munro cres Montague Wltr. WingfieM, Crabwood rd. Wimpson Moody Norman G. Glendal-ough, Wimpson ila Morey Jsph. [...]
Full text:[...] TOTTON DIRECTORY. 923 jran Kevill, 16 Beaumont rd Brand Mrs. Ecclesburn, Yeomans way Brann Herbt. 59 Stannirigton cres Bray Ernest Fredk. 106 Stannington cres Brett Harold Jn. 48 Sunset rd . Brickell [...]
Full text:[...] TOTTON DIRECTORY. Easfcon Leslie, Alma, Testwood la Easton WJtr. 119 Testwood. la Easton Wm., Devonia.Testwoou la Bbdon stan.ey, Dunollie,: Culford av Eckton Geoffrey Rt. 22 Morpeth av Edmonds Denis, [...]
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