Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...]  890 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. Yates Hy. Jn. 32 Kipling rd Yates J as: B. 17 Nightingale av Yates RaJlph J.3 Factory rd Yates Stanley Cyril, 20 Owen
Full text:[...]  1 EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 891 Bellamy V. H. aeronautical contrctrs. Southampton (Eastleigh) Airport, South- Rendell° Ernest F. tobccnst: 2 Leigh rd Bendon Frederick William, furniture dealer & house fu [...]
Full text:[...] HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY ifi feet 6-inches, with a fine hooded fire-place nf Early English date; on the south side:is the Early English door of the. refectory, irith remains of the lavatory; [...]
Full text:[...] ' i lr 906 HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY. j r rir r b If Hi ♦Boggust Clifford, 29 Sea View estate (Bolt Victor. Ernest, Greymist, Botley rd (Boncey Frank, Mizpah, Botley rd ♦Bone Chas. 20 Sea View [...]
Full text:[...] 910 t! Bfifi I I « & F I t »■; if,, J-H •! HOUND AND NETLEY ABBEY DIRECTORY, "Orman Frank R. Ltd. (Fraiik R. Oirman F.I.M. Industry) motor panel & wing makers, motor engnirs. & agents, cycle
Full text:[...] if hi b b 912 MILLBROOK DIRECTORY. It W-ff- b : ft I SS I Farenden Arth. S'hapwick, Parkside av F ergueon Miss, 36 Maybuah rd. Wimp son Fisher Fredk. H., Quantock, Brookwood rd Fisher Harold Cecil, [...]
Full text:[...] MILLBJEtOOK DIRECTORY. •Miller Jn.'Chas., Rose Marie, Muhro "eres Minns Harry, Cotre ho. Munro cres Montague Wltr. WingfieM, Crabwood rd. Wimpson Moody Norman G. Glendal-ough, Wimpson ila Morey Jsph. [...]
Full text:[...] MILLBROOK DIRECTORY. 915 THORN W. F. & SON LTD. structural engineers '(fire escapes, steel stairs, architectural & builders' ironwork) Tanner's brook, Millbrook tcL Tel. 73106 THORNLEY, BROWN & SONS, [...]
Full text:[...] TOTTON DIRECTORY. 923 jran Kevill, 16 Beaumont rd Brand Mrs. Ecclesburn, Yeomans way Brann Herbt. 59 Stannirigton cres Bray Ernest Fredk. 106 Stannington cres Brett Harold Jn. 48 Sunset rd . Brickell [...]
Full text:[...] TOTTON DIRECTORY. Easfcon Leslie, Alma, Testwood la Easton WJtr. 119 Testwood. la Easton Wm., Devonia.Testwoou la Bbdon stan.ey, Dunollie,: Culford av Eckton Geoffrey Rt. 22 Morpeth av Edmonds Denis, [...]
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