Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] I PRIVATE RESIDENTS. MEA 555 Maunder Leonard, Beechwood, Juniper rd. Bitterne Park Maunder Mrs. 11 Duke st Maunder Rt. S. 8 Eynham av. Bitterne Maunder Sydney D. 20 Burlington mans. Shirley rd Maunde [...]
Full text:[...]  EASTLEIGH DIRECTORY. 875 hz&fpssfi Mason Herbt. 23 Twyford rd Mason Jonas, 3 ^ , Mason Regnld. Arth. 45 Doncaster rd Mason Rt. 20 Wilmer rd Mason Sidney Edwd. 16 Campbell rd Ma«sey Cyril Jas. 83, D [...]
Full text:[...] r I I I < 7-52 WAR SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD V ! i-i* il y ■ 4 ■If f i §: Nil MART E. HOWARD, naval architect, 22 Oxford st. Tel. 3064 Martell Ralph, taxi-cab propr. Chafen rd. Bitterne Park Ma [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. MAT 187 MAY ROAD, Freemantle. From 33 Grove road to 1 York road. I Cutler Chas i Hunt Alfd. Geo 3 White Fred i pitcher Norman 5 Martin Thos. Hy 6 Holloway Hy 7 Ma and Geo. Thos S Se [...]
Full text:[...] A 24 SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTOR Y'. OFFICIAL ESTABLISHMENTS, LOCAL INSTITUTIONS, &c. POST OFFICE • Head Office, 57 & 58 High, street, Southampton, Branch Post & Head Telegraph Office, Southampton Docks. Br [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY. A 39 iSwaythling Secondary Modern (boys), May-1 field road; P. Crickmore, head master ISwaythling Secondary Modern (girls), May-field road; Miss M. McLachlan, head mistress iff [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS. A 7 I UCKER TAXIDERMIST Practical Furrier Hunting Trophies mounted to customers' requirements. Skins Dressed and Mounted. May we advise you ? Furs, Coats and Rugs [...]
Full text:[...] 344 ALD SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD i- s Aldridge Septimus, 2 North East rd.Sholing Aldridge Wltr. Rt. 68 Obelisk rd. Woolston Aldridge Wm. 60 Obelisk rd. Woolston Aldworth Jn. 6 Nelson st Alexande [...]
Full text:[...] 49 t » 852 Twyford road—continued. 61 Bailey Rt 63 Wen den Herbt. dairyman 63 Manley Miss M. A. wool shop 65 Bowles . Chas. grocer 67 Manley Kenneth, greengro 67 Sherman Geo. Wm 69 Locke Fredk. Jn 7 [...]
Full text:[...] 168 XiXM SOUTHAMPTON Chas LINE STREET. From 7 Orchard lane, to Three Field lane. South side. 2 Coreora:n Jn 4 Bubs Geo. Albt 6 Aldridge Et 8 Cutler Ernest C 10 White Rd 12 Carter Herbt 14 Rogers Mrs [...]
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