Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. CAN 1434, Gibson's Garage,- motor I engnrs I4S Lus'a Mrs. G J50 Mitchell Harry E ■ IS Chapman Geo. Albt |jl Minns Mrs. E _jy Webber Wm.. Chas Bed Seymour Stanley ^ |62 Lawrence Bros [...]
Full text:[...] M: 08 CAX Cawtb road—continued. 16 Smith Albt. Louis IS Cleverley Fredk. Chas 20 Blake Sirs 22 Moody Hamilton Geo 24 Lcvenshulme Maurice Jn 26 Osborne Hy 25 t^BEreof ct paint m£rs CAXTON AVENUE, Bitt [...]
Full text:[...]  DEVONSHIRE GARDENS & MANSIONS. See Devonshire Toad. DEVONSHIRE ROAD. From 52 Wilton avenue to The Polygon. West side. 2 Prince Rowland S 4 Gannoway Fras. Alfd 6 Ede Mrs. E 8 Watley Wra. J 10 Uphill [...]
Full text:[...]  -iv: gi Smith Sydney ' here is King Edward av ... 96 Nunn MissL. W. shopkpr 9S Moore Erie 100 Clinton Fras- 10-2 Jefferis Mrs 104 Badger Mrs jOS Jackson Wltr. Jas 20S Stagg Frank IIG Morrison XSa [...]
Full text:[...]  Tso aSo Tradinj? Co. Ltd. Is^Sk'^f g& Son, type- I writer fctrs IphinipsBd IWilmott Wm. H iSppa ring Mrs. pry Mrs 1 Saunders Wm Ifeeling Edwd. ¥m (i. Alexander Mrs IjWebb Chas. Percy, grocer .....he [...]
Full text:[...]  n I I; Swakmore AVENUE—continued. 17 Smith Ernest Edwin E • 10 Coldicott Geo. Edwd 21 Wareham Albt. G 23 Russell Jn. Vm South side. 2a, Howe Cyril 2 Sullivan Micfal 4 Jerrim Hy I 6 Jerrim Fredk 8 M [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Dugdale Aa-th. Hy. 18 Carnation rd. Swaythling Diigdale Edwd. Rt. Jn. 86 Laundry rd. SBirley Dngd.ile Geo. Wm. 4 Regent's gro. Shirley Dugilale Michl. Jas. 6 Deanery flats, King st [...]
Full text:[...] 640 LOVI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD W. 4 I ,# I m ;11 ii1 »* ^ A I - Lovell Mrs. The Bungalow, Rownhams rd. Maybush Lovell Murray C. 78 Scott rd. Woolston Lovell Percvl. 42 Graham rd. Newtown Lov [...]
Full text:[...] 568 'MUL SOUTHAMPTON" AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Mullins Tom, 49 Shayer rd. Shirley Mullins Wm. Jas. 31 Swift gdns. Woolston Mullis Arth. E. 39 Aldermoor av. Maybush Mullis Mrs. 34 Magnolia rd. Bitterne Mulli [...]
Full text:[...] BtmSLEDON DIRECTORY. 801 ) giles Reeves, of King's College, London There is a Church Hall and Men's club erected in 1910. There is a Roman Catholic church of Our Lady of the Rosary with cemetery att [...]
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