Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...]  DEVONSHIRE GARDENS & MANSIONS. See Devonshire Toad. DEVONSHIRE ROAD. From 52 Wilton avenue to The Polygon. West side. 2 Prince Rowland S 4 Gannoway Fras. Alfd 6 Ede Mrs. E 8 Watley Wra. J 10 Uphill [...]
Full text:[...] STREET DIRECTORY. DOC 103 to* Fletcher Edwin S fo6 Gorman Thos, iii-i Lord Jn. Leslie Hi) Clench Geo. D cjjei ratt Gordon Jij Blixurd Stanley Win lis Stnck Hy. Chas US Saunders Fredk -.=0 Rose Harry [...]
Full text:[...] m: 186 MAE Marlborough road—continued. 16 Campbell Bt. C 18 Lucas Mrs 20 Keylock Philip Tom 22 Gathergood Harry 24 Gray Hy. Geo 23 Hislop Jn. Begnld 28 May Geo. chimney sweep 28a, Jackson Lloyd 30 D [...]
Full text:[...]  -iv: gi Smith Sydney ' here is King Edward av ... 96 Nunn MissL. W. shopkpr 9S Moore Erie 100 Clinton Fras- 10-2 Jefferis Mrs 104 Badger Mrs jOS Jackson Wltr. Jas 20S Stagg Frank IIG Morrison XSa [...]
Full text:[...]  Tso aSo Tradinj? Co. Ltd. Is^Sk'^f g& Son, type- I writer fctrs IphinipsBd IWilmott Wm. H iSppa ring Mrs. pry Mrs 1 Saunders Wm Ifeeling Edwd. ¥m (i. Alexander Mrs IjWebb Chas. Percy, grocer .....he [...]
Full text:[...]  n I I; Swakmore AVENUE—continued. 17 Smith Ernest Edwin E • 10 Coldicott Geo. Edwd 21 Wareham Albt. G 23 Russell Jn. Vm South side. 2a, Howe Cyril 2 Sullivan Micfal 4 Jerrim Hy I 6 Jerrim Fredk 8 M [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. Dugdale Aa-th. Hy. 18 Carnation rd. Swaythling Diigdale Edwd. Rt. Jn. 86 Laundry rd. SBirley Dngd.ile Geo. Wm. 4 Regent's gro. Shirley Dugilale Michl. Jas. 6 Deanery flats, King st [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS. LOV 539 Longman Chas. Hy. 16 Oriental st. Shirley Longman David, 150 Dimond rd. Bitterne wgman David, 10 May rd. Freemantle ' Longman David, 145 Pear Tree av. Bitterne Longman Edwd [...]
Full text:[...] 640 LOVI SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD W. 4 I ,# I m ;11 ii1 »* ^ A I - Lovell Mrs. The Bungalow, Rownhams rd. Maybush Lovell Murray C. 78 Scott rd. Woolston Lovell Percvl. 42 Graham rd. Newtown Lov [...]
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