Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] -V, 192 MID Methuen street—continued. 37 Pope Chas. Harold 38 Smallwoods Wm 39 Giles Mrs 40 Freeman Gordon 41 Doel Saml 42 Poore Mrs. R 43 Hunt Mrs 44 Sheppard Fredk. Geo 45 Marshall Mrs 46 Furnell W [...]
Full text:[...] 150 Ivneller Miss A 154 Lowing Jsph. Peter 150 Grainger Hector Edwd !5S Davison Edwd 155 Davison Edwin R. motor i ICO ! 162 i 164 I itKi engnr Southey Edwd. Hy Peckham Peter Wm Cartridge Jas Roberts [...]
Full text:[...]  V7 % "f v-q/' , West side. If Hickman Mrs IgGailor Chas. Hy b Skipp Cecil If Green Herbt__ , la Bailey Wm. Fredk Kg Smith Thos. R 18 Kings well Arth. Jas K« Sims Hector Geo. Hy _ I v Portswood Prim [...]
Full text:[...] 332 WIIs SOUTHAMPTON s I ft- Wilton gardens—continued. 13 Mason Wm, Archbld 15 Carr£ Thos 17 Argent Wm. Arth 19 WukioB Wm. Rt 21 Osman Jas. Chas 23 Goulden Jas. Hugh 25 Chick Ernest 27 Mills Av [...]
Full text:[...] ' COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. san1 m f V RYDER, BLAKE & PEATE (B. Tidridge F.N.A.A,), auctioneers, estate agents, hotel & property/valuers, 2i London rd. Tel. 8431. iSee advert Ryder Rt. Wensley, sheet met [...]
Full text:[...] BtmSLEDON DIRECTORY. 801 ) giles Reeves, of King's College, London There is a Church Hall and Men's club erected in 1910. There is a Roman Catholic church of Our Lady of the Rosary with cemetery att [...]
Full text:[...] TOTTON -DIRECTORY. 921 the vicar of Eling, and held since 1944 by the Rev. Frank Selwyn Alison Etheridge M.A. of Queens' College; Cambridge. The church hall called Thistle hall is attached. Here is a [...]
Full text:[...] 940 WEST END DIRECTORY. Evangelical'Mission-Hall, seating about 280 persons: also a Methodist Mission Hall, seating about 120 people. In the parish is a reading room. (Hatch Grange Estate of SO acres [...]
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