Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Directory of Southampton and neighbourhood
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Full text:[...] Mrs L. here is Sandringham rd ... 121 White Michl 13 Edwards Albt. Edgar 125 Mitchell Harold Greville 127 Stoffell Ronald W 129 Selwood Tom 131 Atkins Chas #33 Bone Arth 135 Robinson Wm. Chas 137 [...]
Full text:[...] Chas. Hy 5 Holden Frank 7 Abraham Chas 13 Johnson Leonard Jn 15 Flashman Barnett Watson Geo. W. (Trevone) Lovell. A [...]
Full text:[...]  2nd Floor. - Arbuckle, Smith & Co. 'Ltd. shipping agts . Cross; ey ibros. Ltd. mechanical eng'irs Consulate for the United States of America (Wm. H. Beck, consul-general; F. Wiiiard Calder, consul) [...]
Full text:[...] 710 BAJEt SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Barr Beatrice (Miss) , S.R.N., S.C.M. midwife. Linden ho. Station rd. Sholing Barratt W. & Co. Ltd. boot mkrs. Forum bldgs. Above Bar st BARRELL W. H, LTD. typ [...]
Full text:[...]  I'. # r I K1 r- |Pr- K 718 BUR SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Burt Ernest A. F. Obelisk hotel, Obelisk rd; Woolston Burt Jn. Hy. C.S.P., B.P.A. physiotherapist, 334 Hill Is, BURT M. H. (MRS.)i board [...]
Full text:[...] 11 Rockstone pi Convent of Our Lady of Charity (Our Lady's Training Centre for Girls), (The Rev. Mother Superior), Redcote, .Marne rd. Bitterne Conway Peter Ltd. tailors, 14 East Bar gate COOK [...]
Full text:[...] M * ft i ' V. T 740 Ulli SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Hill Top Garage (A. Haslam, propr.), 51 Highfield la. Highfield Hill Top Garage (A. Mclvor), car hire service, 51 Highfield lane, Highfield. Tel [...]
Full text:[...] U- 1106 STA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 13 i- lt- * t w I' P If- % Stationers—continued. White H. (Miss A. Winter, M. W. Morrish & L. G. Morrlsh, proprietors) (& post office), 48 Lodge rd. Telepho [...]
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