Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] classified trades driectory—1920. MET 77 3 Langley Alfred Fardon m.d., c.m., l.r.c.p., l.r.c.s.Edin., L.p.p.s.jGlas. 61 & 63 Leigh road, Eastleigh LeQuesne Claudel.r.c.p.Lond., m.r.c.s.Eng. St. Ann's [...]
Full text:[...] 774 MET SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIQHBOTTRHOOE> METAL WORKERS. Mills Brothers, 49 New road Simper & Co. Lansdowne hill MIDWIVES. Barker Mrs. L. A. (certified), 156 Chamber- layne road, Eastleigh Buckett Mrs. [...]
Full text:[...] classified tbades directory—1920. Jordan & Co. .Exmoor road. Telephone Nos. 688 & 210 Keen Frederick Charles, Adelaide road Lowrnan Willett Charles, 113 Payne's road . Mills George (&painter & decora [...]
Full text:[...] CLASi>II?IED TRADES DIRECTORY-—1920. Clark Samuel, Junction road, Tofcton Clemens Frederick S. Simual street Cole Mrs. Gertrude,Portsmouth rd.Woolston Coley Miss Lizzie, 51 Coleman street Collins Cha [...]
Full text:[...] 796 SHO SOOTHAJMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD 1 I Shopkeepers—continued. lies Miss, 28 Foundry lane, Mill brook Illsley Mrs. Violet, 78 Bullar street Ings Urwin, 39 Stratfcon road, Shirley Iremonger Thomas, [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY—1920. SIGr 797 Ridges Henry, Aldermoor, Shirley Ritchie Mrs. Jane, 44 Clarendon rd. Shirley Robertson Mrs. 46 Bellevue street Robinson Mrs. 196 Northumberland road Rolls J [...]
Full text:[...] 798 SIL SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD SILK MEEC2ES. Jones Edwin & Co. Limited, Queen%s build ings; 29 to 34 &c 86 to 94 East street; Be street; 76 to 80 Orchard lane ; warehouse Town quay MAYES E. & [...]
Full text:[...] ko2 STA southampton and neighbourhood I ! ; Stationers—continued. Kennedy James, 84 Market street, Eastleigh LANCEY STANLEY V. (& post office), 1 & 2 Cobden avenue, Bitterne park Lodge Stephen Willia [...]
Full text:[...] V 8o6 TEA SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD I Teacher of Engineering" Lindsay D. 11 Oxford street Teachers of Languages. Browning Miss J. 5 London road Macearini Pierino, 57 London road Teachers of Musi [...]
Full text:[...] classified trades directory—1920. Tim Teachers of Shorthand & Typewriting. DE BEAR SCHOOLS LIMITED (THE), 30 Portland street. Telephone No, 1821 Remington Typewriter Co. 31 High street Travis John St [...]
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