Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] V neighbourhood of southampton—1920. netley abbey. 667 Cambridge. Tb
Full text:[...] 668 NETI.EY marsh. neighbourhood of so thampton—1920. 8 3STETLBY MARSH. With Calmore, Woodlands and Little Testwood.) A tithing arid ecclesiastical parish, formed in 1855 from the civil parish of Eli [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. nursling, 669 *Robinson'Drayton W. nurseryman & florist, Calm ore road *SaintEdward,farmer, Wade Hill farm,Hill st *Sillence W. & Son, wheelwrights fSkeates William [...]
Full text:[...] II CI J" 670 nursling. neighbourhood of southampton—1920. the chancel was restored in 1882 and the remainder of the building in 1890 : the church contains several monuments, one (white marble) being [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. WUTSHAIililWGK See Nursling. redbridge. 67I OWEE. See Copythorne, PEARTREE GREEM". Now included in Itchen. POOK'S GEEN See Marchwoojd BEDBBIBGJS. (See also Millbroo [...]
Full text:[...] i 672 EOWNHAMS. neighbourhood of southampton"—1920. . .....BOWNHAMS. An ecclesiastical parish formed in 1856 from the parishes of Romsey Extra, Nursling and North Baddesley, and into a civil parish b [...]
Full text:[...] 'J / - 674 north stoneham. neighbourhood of southampton—^.920. !
Full text:[...]  neighbourhood of southampton"—-1920. south stoneham. 675 wheat, oats and barley. The soil is sandy ; subsoil,, gravel and clay. The area is 1,296 acres,' 26 of water, 4 of tidal water and 1 of fores [...]
Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. totton. 6/7 Southam Percy, plumber, Grasm^re, High, rd Southwell George H. Fleming's Arms p.h South Stoneham Cemetery (Jamas Saunders, curator; South Stoneham Sewag [...]