Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIBECTOHY—1920 3TK.TT 749 FOBEIGKN" MOKTEY" EXCHAKTG-BES. I FBTJIT G-ROWESS. See Money Changers. FOSWAEDING AGENTS. See Agents—Forwarding. FRENCH POLISHERS. Collins Henry, 2 Windsor [...]
Full text:[...] 766 I BO SOUTHAMPTON AND NEIGHBOURHOOD Iron & Steel Merchants—continued. BROWN & TAWSE LTD. (& stock holders), Summers street, Northam (Telephone, Southampton 314; Telegrams, " Hexameter,Southampton [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTOBY—1920.- Axton Alfred George, Queen street Dalesio Joseph, 64 Orchard lane HEPWORTH ERWEST, 23 Orchard lane & St. Mark's roar? MEA 771 11 ]^cAllen Thomas William, 75 Belgrav [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRBCTORT-t-1920. STA 8os *Knight J. (3 Anglesea place), 133 Above Bar street. Telephone No. 38 ^Lamport,* Bassitt&^Hiscock, 154 AboveT^ar st Lamport Arthur James b. A.oxon. (firm. [...]
Full text:[...] ko2 STA southampton and neighbourhood I ! ; Stationers—continued. Kennedy James, 84 Market street, Eastleigh LANCEY STANLEY V. (& post office), 1 & 2 Cobden avenue, Bitterne park Lodge Stephen Willia [...]
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