Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] neighbourhood of southampton—1920. Sholittg" road, from Pear-tree green to Sholing. south side. Clark Mrs Otken John (Fowey cottage) Boyce Archibald. Charles (Lilac cottage} Houghton Charles Ponsford [...]
Full text:[...] 662 itches', etc. neighbourhood of southampton—-1920 Independent Order of Good Templars, " Dawn of Liberty" lodge, Primitive Methodist hall, tuesdays at 8 p.m Railway Station (S. W. Railway), Albert [...]
Full text:[...] r< fry,i i! i -.Li;; 678 totton. neighbourhood, of southampton—1920. Relieving' & Vaccination Officer No. i district, Registrar of Marriages & Registrar of Births & Deaths, Eling sub-district, New Fo [...]
Full text:[...] tfMGHBomijiooi) oP soaTHAMPTOM—1920. wooLsToisf. 689 West side. Steele Wm. John (Craiglea) Baker Mrs. Emma (Dunoon) ' is Inker man rd..... 13 Moore George (Oakleigh) 11 Davies Frederick Hen [...]
Full text:[...] 1^3 NEIGHBOURHOOD OF SOUTHAMPTON—1920. WOOLSTON. 693 Downer Frank Benjamin 0 McLaughlan Thomas 17 Lvdow Daniel "5 Peacock William Thomas # « West Mrs 11 Tappin Thomas Edward north-west side. i....... [...]
Full text:[...] sfeighbottrfiootl 03? southampton—1020. woolston. 695 31 Adams Percy 03 Malone John 35 Low Allen-37 Westrup Charles 00 Fisher Joseph. St. Mark's Council School (girls) is Church rd....... ai [...]
Full text:[...] netghbouenood of southampton—1920. woolstokt. 705 Wilkes Herbert John, 125 Obelisk road Wilkinson Albert, 5 Alma road Williams George Henry, 56 Church road Williams Mrs. 15 Hazeleigh avenue Willoughb [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TKAI5ES D J HECTORY—1920. BEE 717 BANES. BARCLAYS BANK LTD. (Gr. H. Wood-bridge, manager), 38 Above Bar street & 18 Queen's terrace (Docks branch). See advertisement, page 55 Farrow's Bank [...]
Full text:[...] 72o BIL Southampton; and neighbouhhood - x. ^ «• Biix Posters—continued. SOUTHAMPTON BILL POSTING CO. LIMITED(George Gear,general manager) ; registered offices, Windsor house, 2 Manchester street [...]
Full text:[...] CLASSIFIED TRADES DIRECTORY—1920. CAB. 727 Turner Thomas'M. 142 & 143 St. Mary st Williams J. H. 74 East street Wilson Bert, 226 Shirley road, Freemantle Winteridge Henry, 36 London road ; 37 Mill- b [...]
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