Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] southampton directory—1920. Southampton Borough comprises the parish of Southampton in the rural deanery of Southampton and archdeaconry anc diocese of Winchester. The present church of St. Mary, the [...]
Full text:[...] southampton official directory—1920. Child Henry esq. High road, .Sway tbling Corse-Scott Capt. Alexander James, High- field^ Southampton Crichton Col. The Hon. Sir Henry George L. k.c.b., a.d.c. , N [...]
Full text:[...] so SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAL IDIEECTOKX—1920. »s I L / / (a *Heathcote Col.Chas. G-eo. Beech wood, Totton Jeffreys Jn. esq. Canterton manor, Lyndhurst Penton Edwd. esq. Temple lodge, Lyndhurst Powell He [...]
Full text:[...] .C 11 I I I'I .1 hV I I si I02 01,1 lifford street—continued ||(i ,q i i j I V ' In H i\ 64 Brazier Mrs 66 Stroud William Ernest 68 Wyatt Edward 70 Whitfield Robert 72 Mist Mrs 7} Langforci William 7 [...]
Full text:[...]  ii* BBB- Denzil avenue—continued. SOom&AsrftOK' i I I K- I south side. * here is Frederick st..... Nutley Miss(Denzil court) 13 Reid Major Joseph James (St. Heliers) 15 Copp Thomas 17 Brazier Frede [...]
Full text:[...] ; 1 ¥ i/' ior92 ORG - Orchard lane—continued. 50 Clark Arthur B. hair drssr is Union st......... 51 Crabb A. EL baker 52 Woodcock Wm.fishmonger crq.-qj, & « Smith William, firewood dea [...]
Full text:[...] / > < ' M ig6 Oxford street—continued. 64 & 6 Trim Frederick, po- tato salesman 65 Swift Beef Co. Limited 65^ SHEPARD BROS. LTD. railway agents & furniture removers. Tel. No 324 66 & 67 Hunter K. C. [...]
Full text:[...] s73 BEST SOUTHAMPTON and neighbourhood Bennee Reginald, Corydon, 34 St. James' ' road, Shirley Benner Arthur S. 166 St. Mary's road Bennett Engineer-Rear-Admiral J as . Martin Cameron ar.v.o. Boldrew [...]
Full text:[...] PRIVATE RESIDENTS DIRECTORY—1920. ! Jeffs Frederick, 163 Oakley road | Jeffs Frederick James, 78 Cambridge road 1 Jellett Harry, 64 Malmesbury road | Jelley Ernest, 82 Derby road | Jellicoe Rev. Geor [...]
Full text:[...]  380 liOM" southampton and neighbourhood Long Harry, 64 Clarence street Long Harry Conway, Nirvana, Howard's . grove, Shirley Long Herbert, 16 Belvidere terrace,Northam Long Hubert Frederick, 121 R [...]
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