Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...]  % ; tjj ;.r.' -A .. Southaotton is: a seaport, at parliamentary and county and- municipal berougb. and market town = and parish, county court district, petty !sessional division and district regist [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON UIBEGTOBY—1920. The ancient doorway by the'beach, closed up for security at the time the French ravaged the town in 1338, has been restored by the Corporation, to whom the building belong [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON DIRECTORY—1920. The water supply is derived from wells in the chalk at Otter bourne, near Winchester, and the service reservoirs contain six million gallons. The water is of first-class p [...]
Full text:[...] zo SOUTHAMPTON DIRKCTOB Y—1920. IE I I a garden for open air study: it receives a grant from the Borough County Council and from the Board of Education at Whitehall. The classes comprise wood carving [...]
Full text:[...] f, p no CB.O Cross House wharf—con. 2 Jones Win. furniture dlr 3 Stocker John 4 Mailkinson Tom 5 8keats George 6 Early George 7 Bellows Henry , 8 O'Dell Charles 9 Wells James 10 Yere Frederick 11 O'C [...]
Full text:[...] 24 Hiseock Samuel John -26 Turner Walter, shopkee*; is Wulcer ton rd.... Hath bone John A. (St. Albans house) 28 Ladder William James 30 Burch Henry 32 Thompson Charles 34 Plascolt James 3 [...]
Full text:[...] . \ r.! i B' hi i / I i 126 EOE Forest view, Albion terrace. 1 Shore Alfred 2 Creighton Alexander 3 McColl Donald 4 Lovell Charles 5 Allen William 6 Muzzi Edward 7 King- E. O 8 Mason Alfred 9 Camp [...]
Full text:[...] 137 Beer John 189 Applin George ngi Hedges Frederick 193 Melbourne Edgar John, shopkeeper, & post office ....... here is Edward rd ... 195 NewmanHv.Jas.hairdrssr St. Boniface Catholic Church 197 Shan [...]
Full text:[...] 72 Poord Jas. Jsph.decorator 74 Wilson Ernest 76 Lever Richard east side. 15 Lomer, Grierson & Lester, solicitors 15 Grierson Hugh K. solicitor & commissioner for oaths & clerk to South Stoneham pari [...]
Full text:[...] 1 ! 5 Dewey George 6 Tizzard George William 7 Brown Frank 8 Fry Mrs. Edna 9 Poore Alfred Eli John io Smith. Mrs ix Abbott Mrs 12 Young Alfred 13 Hampton Thomas 14 Adams Walter 15 Park hurst F. Arthur [...]
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