Volumes in the collection: Kelly's Southampton and nieghbourhood Directory for 1920
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Full text:[...] southampton official directory—1920. Child Henry esq. High road, .Sway tbling Corse-Scott Capt. Alexander James, High- field^ Southampton Crichton Col. The Hon. Sir Henry George L. k.c.b., a.d.c. , N [...]
Full text:[...] so SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAL IDIEECTOKX—1920. »s I L / / (a *Heathcote Col.Chas. G-eo. Beech wood, Totton Jeffreys Jn. esq. Canterton manor, Lyndhurst Penton Edwd. esq. Temple lodge, Lyndhurst Powell He [...]
Full text:[...] SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAL DIRECTORY—-1920. f-. " » ' "l r t vj r* No. i District, Frederick Henry Dear, i5 St. Mary's place No. 2 District, Arthur Pitman Davis, i Kenil- worth road No. 3 District, Edward [...]
Full text:[...] z6 SOUTHAMPTON OFFICIAL DIBECTQIIY—1920. llMl' # 'I I in p I mi I Ukttguay—Vice-Cousul, W. J Bakor, 32 Queen's terrace Republic of Colombia—Consul, Roza San-tiaga, 32 Queen's terrace i he annual boar [...]
Full text:[...] 33 southampton official directoby—1920. : -/ / Christ Church, Freemantle; Rev. Charles CoIIis m.a. The Rectory, 151 Payne's road, Freemantle, rector; sun. 8 a.m. & 6.30 p.m.; holy communion, sundays [...]
Full text:[...]  so uth ampton official di&ectoby-—1920. 47 Church Lads' Brigade (Shirley Company) ; head quarters, Stratton road, Shirley Cinema Hall, Park street, Shirley Co-operative Catering Club, i Palladium [...]
Full text:[...]  Southampton OFFICIAL DiRECTdEY—-1920. 49 Southampton Piscatorial Society, 26 High street; F. Bishop, hon. sec Southampton, Portsmouth & South Hants Commercial Travellers' Association (South ampton d [...]
Full text:[...] i 1 3 Scott James Henry 4 Porter John 5 Kurn Harry 6 Booth Charles 7 Tbornhil] George 8 Hexham Martin 9 Tyler Frederick Newlyn i o Lister James is Paget st........ xi Poole Wallace 12 [...]
Full text:[...] m ' I ^ A I /<) m gi < u ;■ ( I I 65 .ABU Argyle road—-continued. 20 Smith Mrs 22 Blaker Tom 24 Bottriell Charles 26 McClarie Alexander 28 Dixon Harold 30 Clark Thomas 32 Christie William 34 Lucas F [...]
Full text:[...] I w II &r o Tebbs Basil Nelson m.a., m.d. phy.«ican & surgeon 41 Edwards James William 42 Payne Rev. RichardErnest (St. Barnabas vicarage) 43 Arnold William (Rosenheim) 44 Foott George Henry m.d Admi [...]
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